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Large Cent Experts...

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I believe this to be Newcomb 6, but I don't have complete faith in my old eyes anymore, so.... I'm looking for other opinions on the Newcomb number, let me know what you think. Since I can't seem to link the photos, this link should take you to my Registry set. If not, it is under Large Cents "1793 to 1857", and the coin is the 1837 Large Cent. Thanks, and feel free to post the pictures if you know how, because I can't get it to work!





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go to photobucket.com and create account(if you dont already have one) and upload the pictures you would like to share to there. use the bottom link (img) copy and paste here in the section you type in. bata bing you have a image :)

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It's not a 6, I'm thinking 16. 13 has the same obverse die but it almost always has die cracks on the reverse and the N in UNITED is strongly repunched on the left side. I don't see any of that here.


Edited to explain how i came to my conclusion.


It has plain hair cords, that means N-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.


1 and 14 have the same obv and it is always cracked through stars 1-6 X nope


2 and 15 have the same obv, always cracked vertically through stars 3 & 4 X nope


3 is always cracked AMERICA - WREATH - UNIT X nope


4 and 5 have the same obv is always cracked stars 3 - 7 X nope


6 has a smooth curve from the nose up to the tip of the coronet. On this one a lock of hair protrudes breaking the curve. Not 6


8 end of bust shaped wrong, always cracked through STATES OF. X nope


17 always has a rim break over star 5 X nope


This leaves 13 and 16 which have the same obverse


13 always cracked STATES OF AMERI and repunching on N of UNITED. X nope


That leaves 16 which has no cracks on either obv or rev even in late states.

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Condor101... Thanks, I'll double check my Newcomb book. I did mention that I don't trust these old eyes anymore :-)

I was thinking the N-6 did not have cracks, again, I'll have to recheck the book....


As far as the compliments on the coin, and my collection, Thanks guys! I know I'm too broke to ever get close to the coins the "Top" guys have, but it's a lot of fun to keep trying to (slowly) build a nice set. I also have a Dansco album I've been working on for quite awhile. All circulated (about 30, so far), and a whole lot cheaper to get a coin once in awhile.

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Hi there, Conder101.


(Mike in Florida...beautiful 1837 cent!)


Well, I am feeling rather proud of myself and it's YOUR fault. I saw Mike's 1837 cent and promptly whipped out my Newcomb before I read your excellent, detailed reply. Crossing out most of the varieties was not too difficult, but I got stuck on N-13 and N-16 and when I found your post...MAN...was THAT a boost to my ego that I could even start to have your identifying skill!!! :banana:


I'm still not sure I can omit N13. I THINK the D is below the base of E as in 13. You mention that N-16 has cracked United states of Ameri but I am not seeing that in the picture. (probably these darned reading glasses) but I believe I DO see the recutting of the tips in "D", which brings us back to #16. I can't see the details clearly enough in the back plates of the book, but, what am I missing?


RI AL...feeling rather good at the moment :grin:

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Condor101, well, I've had some time to recheck my Newcomb book, and I think your right. I missed the small part of the curl, breaking that "smooth curve", and I was fairly sure that the reverse was "E", which led me to believe it was N-6. After your comments, I now tend to agree that it is N-16. Thanks for the help, it is appreciated.


RI AL, the cracks you are looking for would be on the N-13, not the N-16. There are no cracks showing on this coin.


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