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A few Shilling Pics (Dialup Warning!!!)

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I just got all my older British stuff out of storage and fell in love with them again, some of these are raw and some in old Anacs slabs. I just can't figure out what possessed me to put these up where I couldn't fondle them.































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Hi there. nice coins there


I would say that they would benefit from a trip to NCS as they have worked some magic on mine with similar toning


Have you checked the 1816 (Issued in 1817) for doubling on the F on the reverse


1787 looks like a "With harts" and Possibly a 1 over reversed 1 !! and would "in my opinion look so much better with NCS and probably jump a grade or three.. ps bet you don't want to sell it ?


1758 would also benefit if it was lightened i think


all the best dooly :devil:


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Thanks Dooly, I have not examined them closely for any varieties, but now that you have told me what to look for I'll check them tonight.


The 1787 is with hearts and currently resides in an old Anacs Au58 holder, so to be honest I wouldn't get enough selling it to make it worthwhile. The Geo.II is in an old Anacs Au55 holder, and I don't think the value of it would justify the cost of conservation and regrading.

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Dooly, the 1787 definately appears to be a 1 over 1, is there a specific variety number I should get this graded as? Any idea on value of this one compared to a regular date?

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