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American Buffalo 2008 Celebration Coin (BA3)

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I have been looking all around the internet trying to find out more information about the subject coin. The best information I have been able to find is a post (and comments) on this site of others having the same problem and that the people at the mint are useless. I am glad I saw that before I called.


I am posting this to get other people's opinions as to my conclusion. I will post as much evidence as possible.


1) Is it Proof, Mint, or uncirculated?

Well, it is "Bullion". Before getting all testy that this is not a valid answer, well it is in this case. I would call it uncirculated. See the image in the Pressroom on the US Mint's website.


It clearly states "CONDITION: Bullion".


2) What is the mint mark?

Technically, it does not have a mint mark on it. The picture from part 1 includes "MINT: West Point". The Bullion version of this coin does not contain the "W" on the obverse. See the image in the Pressroom under "American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin". The mint mark would be located on the Obverse under the feather.



3) Will the Proof version be packaged the same as previouse years?

I surely hope so, but only time will tell.


4) Why is this coin the first in the "United States Mint’s Celebration Series"?

This is the first in the series, their site says so. But it is a coin that costs over a thousand dollars. Who gives gifts that cost this much. If you were planning to give this coin as a gift, you would be giving it reguardless that it is in the Celebration Series.


If there is anything else to point out, please do so. If there is anything incorrect, correct me for I do not pretend to be an expert on this coin, I just want to know the whole truth before investing a large sum of money.


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The truth of the matter is that it is an overpriced marketing gimmick. If you want the coin, or if you want to invest in gold, buy the coin. Here is a new twist on "buy the coin, not the holder." Anyways, welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will like it here. There are lot's of friendly people full of information and always willing to help.

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I know someone who bought one and asked...


Answering questions 1 and 2: The coin is a 2008-W Gold Buffalo. It is a business strike (uncirculated) coin with a burnished finish. The packaging is similar as in the past except that they use red velvet. The COA calls it "American Buffalo 2008 Celebration Coin" without defining he celebration.


Question 3: It is not known at this time what the packaging for the proofs will be.


Question 4: The "United States Mint’s Celebration Series" is a marketing gimmick to sell uncirculated coins with a burnished finished. This is the first year the Mint is offering an uncirculated Buffalo with a burnished finish. After all, if you just called it an uncirculated coin with a burnished finish, it would not be as exciting as being part of the "Celebration Series!"


I wonder if the Mint will do the same with the silver and gold Eagles this year or the fractional Buffaloes? hm


And Andy, welcome to our little corner of the numismatic world!! :applause:


Scott :hi:

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