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I can't find the thread. GOLD/AMERICAN EAGLES IN IRAs

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So here's a new start to it.


It was in one of these forums the other night, and there was a good stretch running about investing in Gold American Eagles in one's IRA and/or Roth IRA.


Then some debate about whether or not the 2006-present Gold Buffalo coins were eligible for inclusion on the law which created the act.


Also, there were a LOT of questions about HOW does one store ones 'gold'

if investing it in an IRA, with a custodian, or what-have-you?


I seem to recall finding VERY BASIC information on Google Search.


However, it appears that one of NGC's Collectors Society Sponsors had a great deal of information on the subject when I linked to it from within this site a few hours ago:






There's more -- and OBVIOUSLY, they're not the only game in town. In fact, I specifically cannot recommend them because I have no experience with them one way or the other.


However, I wanted to share the more important "precious metals in IRA" details.



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Better advise would be, to check with your individual financial advisor

Who will probably tell you that you can't put gold coins in an IRA. He'll be wrong, but that is what I would imagine most of them would say.


(And no I am not saying you can put any gold coin in an IRA, I know you can't. My point is that you typical financial advisor isn't used to thinking anout physical investments. They think along the lines of non-physical investments represented by pieces of paper. Or just recorded electronically somewhere.)

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