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Post your 18th U.S.century silver coins.

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Need to get some work done but this is so much more fun.


Since there were some terrific pictures in the 18th century copper coins thread, I thought I would start the silver. Maybe someone else will do gold because I sure as heck don't have any of those!! Of how about coins from 1800-1807. Can I start that one too?


RI Al (I'll be awfully embarrassed if my variety stickers are wrong).


(I guess the butt ugly 1795 half dime will make another guest appearance)




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Here are couple of my favorites from my set of early half dimes. The set is on the NGC registry if anyone would like to look at it.






And my favorite coin ...





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Thank you!


I've been collecting early half dimes for more than 30 yeras.


Yea, those are nice coins, but even with a set that is 80+ percent complete, I'm just a medium sized fish in the ocean in this area.

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Here's the link to my early half dime set. As you will see it's only #2, but I do tried harder! (I think.)


Bill Jones early half dime set


Wow, a set like that and I can't even find any wee-little types for my collection. Now, I know why! They are all in strong collector's hands. :sorry:

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I can't seem to find JRocco's first coin anywhere. Would someone mind telling me what it is, and a little history of it? (shrug)


I’m not sure of the denomination (shilling, half crown?) but it’s an English silver piece of King George II who ruled from 1727 to 1760. King George was the grandfather of King George III with whom the American colonies had their little tiff, which resulted in American independence. The monarchy skipped a generation because George the Second’s son died in 1751, nine years before his father’s death.


England greatly expanded its empire during George’s reign. The English kicked the French out of India and Canada, and there was great prosperity for wealthy Englishmen at home and abroad. King George II holds the distinction of being last English monarch to lead his men in battle when the British defeated the French at Dettingen in 1743.


European coins like this one did circulate in the U.S. In fact chances are one could pick most any European piece from this period and at least a few of them would have made it to America. Their influence, however, was not great. Most of the time the colonists got by with barter. Money was usually in the form of paper, or if it was “hard money” Spanish empire coinage struck in Mexico or South America.


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Hey, BillJones....


WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! I am still admiring the pictures but just had to let you know how impressed and envious I am. Great work!!



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