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An opinion on these grades?

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I just checked and my Submissions were finalizedI had mentioned earlier that I had cleared out a Safety deposit box and found a Dansco Album with some Kennedys and decided to send one in for a grade.The results follows.


1. 1970D 50c. I cut this one out of a 1970 OGP U.S. Mint set I had never touched and it only received a MS65.


2. 1966 SMS 50c. This was one of them in the Dansco album. I received a MS66 on this one.


3. 1986 Liberty Commemorative. I received an MS69 on this one.


4. 2003 W Silver Eagle. I received a PF69 on this one.


5. 2008 W Silver Eagle. This is the one I received from the U.S.Mint a few weeks ago and it received a grade of PF69.



I guess it could have been worse but it doesn't seem to be above average for most. I have not looked into the Kennedys before this but I looked in to Numismatic grades here and they have the 19070 D Kennedy MS65 at $42.00.



I am a little confused on the 1966 Kennedy. I though that the only Kennedys in 1966 were the SMS but when I clicked on the 1966 Kennedy it made no mnetion of the SMS.





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To expound on OldTrader's comment...


In 1964, Kennedy Half Dollars were minted for circulation in Philadelphia with no mint mark and in D-Denver.


In 1965, 1966 and 1967 Kennedy Halves were also minted for circulation in Philadelphia.


The Mint also issued Special Mint Sets (SMS) in 1965, 1966 and 1967 as a substitute for non-existent proof sets, especially designed for collectors. They were struck in San Francisco with no mint mark.


The coins in these SMS are of a higher quality than regular mint sets and most are proof-like in appearance with some having a cameo contrast.


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You should not be surprised that the 1970-D half dollar "only" got an MS-65. Yes, all of the 1970-D half dollars were issued in mint sets, and none were issued for circulation; but it would be years before the U.S. mint would make an effort to make the mint set pieces special. The quality of the coins in mint sets mostly ranged from acceptable to horrible. In the mid 1970s, by the looks of some mint set coins, one would have thought that they took the worst coins they could find that had been run over by track shoes on the floor, swept them up with a backhoe, and put those coins into mint sets.


As for the Statue of Liberty coin and the silver eagles, it’s no surprise that those pieces rated some high grades. The mint made an effort to make those coins well and not injure them when they handled them.


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I went back and looked again and founf the SMS population by scrolling to the bottom of the page. It looks lime Old Traders comment is right on.


I noticed that Dwaine sent in a lot of Kennedys and not being experienced with them was not sure. In his case, and my case the coins did not get a good grade even though they were Mint sets.



When I checked the Registry there was only a grade of "3" for a 1970D Kennedy in MS65. I would think that if the sets were of such poor Quality that the Regisrry would allow for it better.


The Registry does not allow that much for the Commemorative in MS69 either.


One good thing is that I only paid for two of the five.The problem is that I have all these Kennedys in a Dansco as well as in the Mint and Proof Sets from 1968 onward.


I als have several Commemoratives such as the Library of Congress and Ben Franklin from the U.S. Mint.




While the Kennedys are much more plentiful it doesn't seem to make much sense because of the grading fees etc if I can't get a good grade.

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