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USA coin finds from the UK. Best lot so far ? +ID please

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Hi all :hi:


As you all probably know by now I like to frequent my local coin shop in Newcastle (UK) from time to time and show you all the *spoon* i have picked up.


But this time the shop owner had just received a load of coins in and i got the first look at the coins :applause:


so hear are the ones i picked out what do you all think of my purchases and also I would like information on any of the coins i have found


1973 Canada dollar with a nice bit of color





1798 Draped bust type Large cent for my 7070 (& was cheep)

Not sure on which type any information greatly received





1927 s peace dollar. very dark on the obverse quite a few in the group were toned like this in the lot. due to the storage ?





1873 Indian head cent, my favorite coin found in the lot today, Unsure of the variety but i think i picked it up very cheaply for the grade i think. i may possibly get it conserved !




Nice bit of mechanical doubling on most of the letters on the Obv and the feathers






Grade ?


and last but no way the least i was given this little beauty for free with the lot


A 1787 New Jersey horse and plough. which i have been unable to pin down the variety as it does not match any of the ones listed in my books. he "damage" seems to be that the coin has been struck on a damaged planchet not cut !!! 9.7g


Obv: Note the letter N in NOVA is in-line with top handle of the plow



Rev: Narrow Shield ?



If this is an error do you think i could get NGC to encapsulate it ? as i have falling in love with it. its much better in the hand than the scans


So thanks for looking and please any comments greatly received


Happy hunting :devil:

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1973 Canadian Dollar, KM83, is .5000 silver (0.3750 oz ASW).


Krause Standard Catalog says 1,031,271 minted.

Charlton Catalog says 904,723.


Originally came in black or blue leatherette case. Blue case had slightly higher value.


PC on reverse denotes designer - Paul Cedarwing


Can't help much with the U.S. coins. I collect modern pocket change.

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Nice coins. I really like the 1798 cent. I can't see it clearly enough to determine variety at the moment (and 98's can be a bear to attribute.) I may try tey again later. (Right now i'm using a monitor where I'm facing into the sun and I can't see much.)


The 1873 is not mechanical doubling, it is Longacre Doubling. The doubling was actually in the dies and they were created that way. Basically the dies were incompletely polished or basined and not all of the doubling was removed,


The NJ is interesting and I would agree that the rough edge may be original to the planchet but I would say that the straight edge is the result of the coin being cut after striking. I don't think NGC would slab it.

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Cheers for the great information (as usual) conder101


I have had a closer look at the 1798 and i would say it had 2nd hair style (red book)


IHC 1873 yes i got that wrong again Note to my self "longacre" ? how do you tell the difference between Closed 3 and open 3 ?


Shame about the NJ and NGC not slabbing it i think i will send it to NCS and get them to do it as a problem coin


Cheers again .. youdaman (thumbs u

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