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My Latest "Three Cent Nickel". Your thoughts?

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I picked this one up off of eBay awhile back and just photo'ed it this morning. It is the size and thickness of a half dollar (as shown). I have no idea how or why it was created/minted, but thought it was pretty cool.


I'd love more information on it if anyone cares to share!




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It might be neat, but I don’t think that it’s genuine.


The diameter of a Barber half dollar is 30.6 mm. The diameter for the nickel three cent piece is 17.9 mm. For the U.S. mint to have struck this piece, they would have had to have made a special die of this size. I can’t think of a reason why they would have done that, especially for the 1888 three cent piece, which one of the last of its kind. A quick review of my pattern coin books shows no listing for any 1888 pattern coins at all. And I could not find an example of an over size nickel three cent piece for any year.


My guess is it must be some sort of case item that was made for carnival prize, paperweight or the like. Before the Hobby Protection Act it was quasi legal to produce stuff like this without the word “COPY” on it. The government had a habit of going after people, like the guy who made cookies with a reproduction of 1894 Indian cents on them, but enforcement was not uniform. Therefore perhaps this item slipped though the cracks.


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Now, I feel dumb. That was my thread that started this off! lol


Actually, I don't care that it's not Mint made. The fact that any company made an effort to create this is pretty cool. And, I'm guessing that it must have been created at a time when the 3CN was still recognizable to the public. I doubt it would have been created say 30 years ago. Finally, as a 3CN nut, this seems to be a compelling item to have as long as it isn't some sort of poorly made, recent concoction.

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