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Proof/mint set haze...any suggestions?

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Is there any way to clean off the haze on proof and mint set coins? I have anumber of sets that just appear to have some sort of film on them. Not a toming issue I don't think. Any ideas?




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I do not use MS-70, so I do not know a great deal about it. But what I know is that it is a very powerful soap. It doesn't damage the coin's surfaces if applied correctly, but you carefully pat on the stuff and then thoroughly rinse it off. You'd have to be careful about hairlines, too. Do a search through the forum or on google to see more about it.

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I've used MS70 on both mint and proof state coins and I think it works great. It's the only thing I've seen take the blueish haze off clad proofs and it restores luster and frost to clad mint state coins that are a little dull & dirty.


However, I would use a alcohol and distilled water rinse to clean off the soap. Further, you will probably need to actually use a Q-Tip to clean the coin. I've done this with proofs and if you do it lightly there won't be any hairlines. On the minit state coins, again if you do it lightly, there shouldn't be any problems.


Just remember when you are dipping proof coins, it is easy to screw up the fields. Test a couple of coins first. Also make sure you have a compressed air can in order to blow the water off the coins. Spots occur very easily on proof coins.


By the way, rinse in alcohol for a couple of seconds then the distilled water.




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I have recently used the ms70 for the first time. I tried it on some "disposable" franklins and didn't really get anything out of it. Then I tried it on some modern common commemorative half dollars, both ms and proof, and it both removed light toning on the ms pieces and the haze from the proof pieces.


I applied the ms70 with a q-tip soaked in it for a minute or two then extremely gently brushed it on. Everything came off quickly and after about 10 seconds I rinsed the coin in distilled water and then soaked it in acetone for a few minutes. then air dried for 24 hours (you don't want to put a coin with moisture going back into it's holder). I was happy with that.


It's been about two monthes and I have seen no detrimental effects thus far, but long term there are no guarantees. I would not use it on anything of significant value as loong term risk factors are not known.

I can say though that I don't miss the haze on the proof pieces.

Your pal and mine, insane.gifinsane.gifinsane.gif


Rob 893frustrated.gif

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MS 70 works well on mint state and proof coins. In my experience, it also works great on circulated Mercury dimes. Makes circulated Walkers look bad, however.


Use a Q-tip to apply the solution. JUST dab it on. Do not rub what-so-ever or you will definitely get hairlines. Dab it on, let it set for a minute, rinse in hot water and rinse again in a baking powder solution and rinse again. Dab dry with a soft, clean cloth or dry as suggested above.



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