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Coin submission and grade predictions

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Just sent in an submission to NGC...here are the coins and my grade predictions. I decided at the last minute not to submit that 1890-O morgan I posted a thread about earlier, I decided instead to keep it in the OGH (at least for now) in my registry set.


Invoice 1:

Tier: Economy Service: No service

1921 Morgan Raw ex-PCGS OGH MS64--Prediction: MS65

1950 Quarter Raw--Prediction: MS65

*1802 Large Cent Raw--Prediction: I'm about 50/50, PO-01 vs. BB

*1951-D Quarter Raw--Prediction: MS64


Invoice 2:

Tier: Economy Service: Crossover

1881-S Morgan ANA MS65--Prediction: I'm about 40/60, MS65 vs. MS66

1882-S Morgan ANA MS65--Prediction: MS65


Invoice 3:

Tier: Economy Service: Regrade

1932 Quarter MS64--Prediction: I'm about 50/50, MS64 vs. MS65

1948 Quarter MS66--Prediction: I'm about 55/45, MS66 vs. MS67


Invoice 4:

Tier: Economy Modern: No service

1955-D Quarter--Prediction: I'm about 60/40, MS65 vs. MS66


Invoice 5:

Tier: No tier Service: Designation Review

1879-S MS63PL--Prediction: Resubmitted for star; I'm about 75/25, star vs. no star


* Friend's coin


I didn't have time to photograph each coin individually this morning before I sent them out, so here are the ones I had time to photograph:


Invoice 1 photos:





Invoice 2 photos:




Invoice 5 photos:


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Cool large cent too!


Here's hoping it slabs (although I must admit wondering why you'd send it)....Mike

Yea... I'm with you on that Large Cent!! (thumbs u

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Thanks Mike, Mike, and Scott. :) The large cent and the 51 quarter aren't mine...they are a friend's. He's hoping for a PO01 on the large cent. If it doesn't BB I couldn't see it going any higher than that. ;)

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Got grades in today...as a whole I suppose it was a decent submission but I'm quite unhappy with a few of them.


Coins for invoice number 2523342

001 1921 MORGAN S$1 MS 64 :( This will be going back...it's a no-brainer 65--it's cleaner than the 1882-S!

002 1950 25C MS 65 :)

003 1802 1C MS DAMAGED :(

004 1951 D 25C MS 63 :(


Coins for invoice number 2523343

001 1881 S S$1 MS 65 :)

002 1882 S S$1 MS 65 :)


Coins for invoice number 2523344

001 1932 25C MS 64 :(

002 1948 25C MS 66 :(


Coins for invoice number 2523345

001 1955 D 25C MS 64 :( I would send this one back as it is a no-brainer 65 but it's not worth it.


Coins for invoice number 2523346

001 1879 S S$1 MS 63 PL :( Darn it, I was sure it would get the star.

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When I was reading down and saw that you had that 79-S listed as 75/25 Star no star I knew it didn't have a chance....then I saw you had the grades posted and realized the original thread was from monthes ago. Honestly in almost all cases the coin has to have nice rainbow colors and not just purple and blue peripheral toning to get a star......or the coin has to be close to Cam or deep cam....or if it was part of the Battle Creek collection then all these rules go out the window lol

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So I found out ... ;)



I have 77 toners at NGC right now and I will be lucky to get maybe 12 to 15 Stars.....but I will share the pics so folks can get an idea of what NGC is looking for outside of rainbow toned Morgans. (thumbs u

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