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Kool Aid Drinker

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Anyone who blindly follows a doctrine , or is forced to follow a particular doctrine due to individual weakness and inability to exert one's own independency outside of the group/hive mentality of which one follows ....is being compared to the Rev. Jim Jones followers , some of which were forced and some voluntarily consumed a poisoned drink concoction containing a flavoring punch mix and referred to as 'Kool Aid" rendering them pretty much dead .


In essence , Lemming-like ......will follow blindly - right off a cliff while accepting the fate of following the doctrine through no self-determination.


Key words are : blindly follow


individual weakness

group/hive mentality


In corruption : blind-led-by-blind (in belief)

: Kool Aid drinker

: popularity contest supporters

: unfounded moronic behavior

: complete hollow open-mindlessness

In slang : Fools


: Buffoons


Can often be heard said by one :

" Owww....my head hurts if I try to think outside of our assumed group order of how things are"

" My TPG ( third party grader) is always right and better than yours"


Reference : ATS (across the street< a competing company's version of a chat board>)

: Anyone who fits into the 'blindly follows' group mentality with no predicated (logical) thought .

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Thanks I need a good Laugh this morning ...And I do not think this thread can be expanded on too much more as I think you have covered ALL the bases.


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I agree, there are many decent, thoughtful, honorable and kind posters there. But, there are always a few ( fill in your cliche here :-) ) few bad apples etc

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...few 'donks'?

There is nothing wrong with "towing-the-line" , but when it becomes obsessive , you just have to wonder .

........and(as Bruce says) .... you are correct .

There are many posters ATS that have much to give , but then, they aren't the demographic slice that fits the definition given , and yes , the definition does not just apply there .

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I totally agree with your asessment and have nothing really significant to add to the aforementioned topic...but kool aid drinkers do leave significant foot prints and are easy to track.

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