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Dansco Presidential Dollar Album

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I'm of the school that if you want somebody to know how you feel, you have to tell them. If I get exceptionally good or bad service somewhere, I'm apt to write a letter to share my feelings.


I had my wife get me the Dansco album for the presidential dollars for Christmas. It was a safe gift that she couldn't mess up, and it was exactly what I wanted. So a few days after Christmas, when I was filling in the first 7 or 8 holes, I was quite excited.


My excitement turned to disappointment as I read the inserts discussing each of the presidents. I find myself proofreading everything I read, be it a newspaper, memo at the office, or page in a Dansco album. What I found was some of the most terrible writing I've read in a while. The ample grammatical and punctuation errors first caught my eye. I've come to expect a certain amount of these in most things I read, but the amount in the album was remarkably large. As I continued to read, I started to notice several factual errors. The insert said Zachary Taylor ran for president at the age of 42 (actually 62 or 63). It said Lincoln emancipated the slaves in 1963. I think Lincoln had been dead for a while in 1963. Sadly, I could continue.


So one night, I sent Dansco an e-mail telling them how much I enjoyed their albums, but how disappointed I was in the inserts for this one. This album would actually be better if it didn't even have these pages. To my surprise, I received a response from them. It said the album I had must have been from the first production run, and that the pages had been edited and revised since then. They offered to send me new pages free of charge for my album.


I received those pages today. Many (but not all) of the grammatical errors have been corrected. There are still a couple of items I think may be off factually, but I'll have to research further before I can say for certain. The George W. section has been completely rewritten. The original sounded like it could have been written by John Kerry or Al Gore. The new one is not flattering by any means, but it is closer to being neutral than the first one.


Kudos to Dansco for realizing there was a problem and fixing it. I have been extremely impressed with the communication and service I've received. Too many people simply don't care anymore to do a good job, but it appears that Dansco in this case has tried to do so.


I guess the next question is, is there a collector demand for the old error-prone inserts from this album??? I have a set I could part with if the price was right. lol

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I agree. The information typed on the inside of each cover of the Dansco albums has never been known for technical excellence! Even if you buy older Dansco albums, they are filled with grammatical errors.

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The Dansco pages were mentioned briefly last year when they first came out and along with the typos, gramatical and factual errors it was also pointed out that for the more recent presidents there are also some strong political bias indicated.

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