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1970-S Cent Large Date v Small Date

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I was going through a sizable group of cents that I have that I'm pretty positive hasn't been cherried. The newest coins in the group are 1974. I looked through a couple of pounds of them while sorting them by date... still have about 30 pounds to go.


Anyway I was wondering if someone can post a picture of the large and small dates of the 70-S. Here's a couple I found but I'm pretty sure they are the large date although in the second one the 7 looks a little higher.


Sorting these cents give me something to do while my funds recouperate... :)





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These are both the more common large dates. The easier way to tell is not from the top of the "seven", but rather from the length of the tail. It is clearly shorter on the small date, while on the large date coins, as shown, it descends perceptibly below the bottom of the neighboring zero.


I've cherrypicked a very few, but none recently.

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