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I fell through a hole in time and.............

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ended up in a coin shop. Downtown San Francisco. Witter Coins, in the old Hobart building on Market Street.. Witter Coins had been talked about on the forum, so I decided to go back in time. I went with a friend. He suggested we take BART train from the South Bay, I said no. I had a little car, and felt confident I could find a space with a meter. He wasn't so sure, but heck, it's been ten years since I was in SF and 22 years since I was in Witter Coins. Drove over the San Mateo Bridge, up the Peninsula and into SF. Drove by the new Pac Bell Park, fabulous stadium and toward the Ferry Building. Much has changed and not much has changed. Drove down Mission Street and, with my keen eye, immediately found a parking meter a few minutes from the Hobart building. Nice to be in Downtown SF, lots of electricity of the city, many different types of people, even some of the panhandlers looked familiar. So up the 1914 era elevator to Witter Coins. Nice building, reminds me of 1920's, marblelite walls, lovely hardword fixtures and trim. I even used the old restroom with a 1930's urinal. 893whatthe.gif The glass and wood door of the office/store brought me back to when I was a college student. Buzzed the door, and we were in. Everything looked the same, as if 22 years ago, same showcases(circa 1940's), same desk same bookshelves. Only major difference, Witter had a computer and extra storage space next door. Witter was at his desk eating a nicely cut peach, I remember the last time I visited, he was eating a nicely cut carrot. His demeanor was the same, very friendly, courtieous and asked how he could help. I told him the scenario and we chatted for a while. He was impressed that I remembered the shop so well. I told him that he had moved a showcase a bit further back and he remarked that he did that in 1986! He pulled out a box of 2X2 commems and I took a look. All raw, all nice and PQ for grade, and I bought a Norse thin in Choice BU(That's MS63 for you teenieboppers). My friend and I chatted a bit longer, but the clock was ticking on the parking meter. I viewed a nice Bay Bridge commem order form hanging in a frame on the back wall. He said it wasn't for sale(Dang!). He shook my hand and we said goodbye. No telling when I will be back. frown.gif



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