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Anaconda Coin Photography Contest - Posted ATS

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I posted this contest on the PCGS boards but welcome entrants from the NGC boards as well. You guys will be able to vote as well and I can tally up the scores from both forums in some way to come up with a cumulative score.


This ought to throw even the expert photographers insane. I'm even having trouble getting a 100% accurate shot. What I have here is an 1892 1c in PCGS PR64RB with attractive color and orange peel texture in the fields.


Why this is difficult.


1. It's in an old rattler holder. (holder is very clean and free of marks though)

2. It's a proof indian cent.

3. It's toned.


Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. She's a beast to image.


Who dares accept the Anaconda Coin Photography challenge? Sign up by PM'ing me your address, phone number, and email address to get the ball rolling.




1. Coin MUST be shipped via USPS express mail via box-in-box. (If you don't know what this is, just ask me). You will recieve explicit instructions from me via PM on shipping directions.


2. The images used in the contest will all be the same size. If you send them to me in a different size than these dimensions, I will resize them for you (If you don't like the results of my resizing, tough cookies). This contest will have both obverse and reverse images. The obverse will need to be 400x400 pixels and the reverse will need to be 400x400 pixels. Additionally, a slab shot of both the obverse and the reverse will be utilized in this competition. The slab shots will need to be no wider than 500 pixels.


So, in summary:


Obverse 400x400

Reverse 400x400

Obverse Slab no wider than 500

Reverse Slab no wider than 500.


That's a total of 4 shots.


3. Each contestant CANNOT hold onto the coin for more than 3 days. Too busy? get it out to the next person and I'll put your name at a later date on the list. No biggie. I don't want this contest to last 65 years. Take the shots and ship off the coin before you photoshop them to save time if possible.


4. The judging will be done via forum poll.


5. The prize will be a custom Anaconda Jersey. If you already have one, I will substitute it with something else (or you can have another).


Come to think of this, it's pretty cruel putting this coin in a photo contest. It's a beautiful coin though.


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I'm in! Bruce had a similar contest over here, and I think mine were in the top 90% if I recall lol .


Remember next time you go to the doctor that there is a 50% chance that he/she graduated in the bottom half of the class....

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I am DEF in... Can I bet first and save you the shipping? I only live 5 or 10 mins from you. We could meet and talk a few coins. Anyhow I will PM you my info!

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Anybody else seen the coin yet??? :censored::frustrated::devil:

It has been alleged that I am next on the list, but I have not seen it yet.


When I do, I'll be be the first to know lol !


James I wish you like :D:devil:

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