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cross or not!

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I'm going to have to say no IMO (shrug)


Based on what?

Coin Information Grade Detail NumisMedia Price



Denomination S$1

Year/Mint 1889 HOT-50

Variety VAM-16 DDO EAR

Designation MS

Total Graded 57

PrAg 0

G 0

VG 0

F 0

VF 0

40 0

45 0

50 0

53 1

55 0

58 4

60 1

61 2

62 10

63 19 63* 0

64 11 64* 0

65 8 65* 0

66 1 66* 0

67 0 67* 0

68 0 68* 0

69 0 69* 0

70 0

PrAg No Price

G $13.80**

VG $16.10**

F $17.25**

VF $18.40**

40 $19.55**

45 $19.55**

50 $20.70**

53 $21.85**

55 $23.00**

58 $24.15**

60 $32.40**

61 Login


62 Login


63 Login


64 Login


65 Login


66 Login


67 Login


68 Login


69 Login


70 Login





Use the "Ask NumisMedia " area on the chat boards for feedback and questions on pricing.



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It does not make sense to me. I'm not a VAM guy, but I'm assuming that VAM-16 is something special. True VAM collectors should not really care about the holder for a coin in this grade.

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While cosidering the expense and time consumation of slabbing coins, we sometimes forget that some people merely have a great affinity for a particular coin and wish to have it slabbed as a type of keepsake. When this is so, then by all means suit yourself.

If this is what it means to you, ant, and not for a value added feature which is highly offset by the cost, then, yes, I think that coin would cross at NGC.

Good luck.

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i was wondering for vam collectors. i wanted to sell this being i despise morgans. morgans are like pennies! they are everywhere on every thread. .so im just going to trade as is. thanks all.

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I am not sure whether or not NGC would charge the Variety Plus fee for the VAM but I assume this would be the case in any instance where one wanted the VAM designation. NGC will only recognize the Hot 50 and top100 so this is not a problem.


The Variety plus fee is $7.00 which is about 1/3 of the total value of the coin so to me it would not be practical.


On the other side of the equation there is the possibilty of the Vam increasing the Value of the Coin.


A few issues ago in Coin world there was an article about a VAM. This VAM concerned the 1878 TF Reverse of 79.I don't rememer the number but it was 200 and something.. I t seems that this Vam is often ignored ans mistaken for another in this date and type.


The VAM in Coin World was recognized by a Bump in the head of Liberty etc,


This VAM with a grade of AU50 is worth about $900.00. Since it is not a HOT 50 or Top 100 then NGC would not label it and it would be better to keep it in the ANACS holder where it would be recognized.



How was the Morgan obtained etc if he hated Morgans?

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