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1877 Britain cent, large or small date?

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Hi, Guys. Hope you are all well!


In my ongoing efforts to start breaking up parts of my collection, I found this in the mystery box not even in a 2x2. I don't really "do" British, but this one "got my undies all in a bunch" (as the high school kids used to say). Can anyone tell if it is the Large date or Small date variety? I am guessing (hoping) it is the small date but I hope someone out there can help me out. I have brightened the 3rd picture so hopefully the date would show better.


As always, THANK YOU!!







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Man, you ask some of the most wild as_ esoteric questions.


After nearly 45 minutes of searching without the proper books, this is what I could find. My favorite British coin website, which is usually pretty thorough, makes no direct mention of the subject, although he mentions two different reverse dies for that date. (The website is English Coins just so you have it)


I was able to find a picture of a foil pressing which seems to indicate that yours is the common large date. Note in particular the spacing between the numerals and the shape of the lighthouse. This one is straight and slender, whereas yours is more rounded at the bottom and sloping. This would seem to indicate that you have the large date coin.





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THANKS!!!! I REALLY appreciate your checking into this for me, especially as it was such an imposition on your valuable time. Believe me, I appreciate your help on all this "stuff" as well as that of so many other great guys here.


At some point, I hope I will run out of esoteric questions. All I am trying to do is lighten the load for 50 years of collecting/accumulating. The bank ladies are getting a bit miffed at me in that I "pop in" to pay them a visit so often. They do SO love having to get a Jeep and a chain to get my boxes out of the vault...full of nothing remarkable...but these 50 years sure have been a lot of fun...(except for the bank ladies!).


Again, THANKS!!!!


36 degrees with thunderstorms and heavy rain this morning in the RI sticks. A bit unusual (!) for mid January.

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