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How 'bout them FAKE NGC slabs

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Thanks NGC for putting out that info. the other day. I moved like greased lightning to check all of mine lol. Thankfully, all are genuine. I sell on eBay and will be sure to be adding the article to my auctions as proof that the coins/slabs are genuine. This should really help sales of NGc and PCGS coins as well as they have not been reported as having fake holders otu there, at least not as of now. Thanks again NGC for posting that article.

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I checked out this article as well, but it only shows the most recent type of holders and labels. I've got quite a few coins in older style holders. Maybe these "FAKERS" aren't doing anything with the old style holders yet, but it's something to watch out for.


If the owner of the real coin has it registered, nobody can register a fake one with the same serial number. If they try, NGC will notify the real owner and ask if they want to allow the transfer of ownership.


When I win the bid on NGC coins in auctions that show serial numbers, I immediately enter them into my registry set. I want the points, but I also want to know that they are real and available. If the previous owner hasn't removed them from their set, they get notice and allow the transfer (after I've paid of course).

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I do what you do, I load the coins in the NGC Registry ASAP as well, in the same hopes you have, that if it was a duplicate, that I'd find out.


There is a flaw in this logic (not just yours, but just in the plan in general, because you and I aren't the only ones doing it):


If the other coin with the same serial number isn't registered, then there is no one to "release it" and thus our new coin registers, no duplicate, even though it "could" be a fake.

Therefore, while it may eliminate SOME risk to enter our coins into the NGC Registry, I fear that it may provide us with a false sense of security at best.


Further, we may also be providing serial numbers and coin specifics TO the counterfeiters. If the serial numbers were at least partially obscured to everyone except the coin's owner (and to authorized NGC personnel), this could further reduce such risk, in that counterfeiters could not data-mine the NGC Registry.







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