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Any Tibet coin experts out there???

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Good afternoon, guys.


I am looking for a Tibet coin whiz. I had a brief fling with collecting type pieces (didn't get too far before my collecting tastes changed...for the 32,000th time.) Anyway. Just going through the small collection and found several of the 1 rupee silver coins of different varieties. These are the smaller coin in the pictures. However, I also found a couple of the big ones but can't seem to find a listing for this "coin". It measures 1 1/2" in diameter and does have a bit of a ring to it when dropped so I am guessing it is silver...maybe...but who knows. The edge is reeded. Maybe they are just fakes, or good luck tokens sold to tourists...but if you can help, I sure would appreciate it!! Oh, on a whim...I just thought to check if it is magnetic...it IS...BIGTIME! I'm leaning more toward the tourist theory but your thoughts are always appreciated.


Have a nice evening.







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Physics-fan...good morning again.


Somehow, somewhere I have gotten 4 of the big Tibet "coins" and they all are identical and now that you mention "cast" I noticed the reverse pitting on all 4 when I saw the enlargements. I think you called it right...cast and probably a Tourist trinket...especially being magnetic and all...


How did you get do darned smart??




Physics huh...I barely got through 7th grade geometry...but I was a whiz at the piano.

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