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what in your experience/opinion is one of the scarcer coin types??

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My experience is more mundane than yours, michael, but I think it is hard to find good 2 cents and 20 cents. The 2 centers all seem to be spotty, cleaned, corroded, and ugly. And I just plain rarely see 20 cent pieces.

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I agree with what James Ruddy wrote years ago.


ALL of the Draped Bust, Small Eagle silver type coins are bears. The silver dollar is actually the easiest to find, at least in the circulated grades. After that it's the dime (because of the most common variety (#1) of the 1796 dime), the half dime, 1796 quarter and then the bear of all bears, the 1796-7 half dollar.


Generally all of the type coins before 1807 are getting harder to find, at least without problems. Because of the mintages the copper cents and half cents are the most common, but the Early Copper club collectors have taken most all of them off the market for variety collections. Years ago you could buy the coins even at local shows. Now you have pretty much have to do what I did, which was go to the EAC convention to find them. And even then the pickings are not lush.

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Capped Bust Dimes in MS65 original surfaces and toned.

Small eagle early dollars in XF and above.

1837 capped bust half dime in ms65.

1875-cc 20c in ms64 and up original and toned.

1858 Flying eagle cent in ms65 original and toned.


And if you do find any they go for moon money.

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The type that i can afford or one that if i were to sell it i would make a profit on.


no and no


the one that is truly one of the scarcer coin types weather you can afford it or not and also one of the more scarcer coin types weather if you had it you could sell it now for a profit or not




i await your reply :foryou:

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Not sure what range you are in but.

median budget

Anything prior to 1807 or so in problem free condition is tough (excluding copper its still around to a degree).

cap bust large size Quarters

Problem free Seated dollar (try finding ones au+ that are uncleaned lol)

1872 2 cent (not a type but probably one of the most undervalued coins out there)

Mercs in Unc in the teens/twenties

shield nickels unc

1883 w/ cents 5c in unc

1923-s quarter VF+



For the modest budget guy (these can usually be sold easily for a profit also)

True unc indian cents

F-VF barber material (au/unc is easy put a set of together in this grade get a cigar and medal!! j/k)

2 cent pieces (look at tpg slabs in au50 a lot and learn how to market grade these guys) I buy lots of AU50-58 coins as VF and XF coins at shows.

BU lincolns in the teens/twenties no Mintmark (these guys ARE drying up fast)

1972 type 2 Ike dollars (you can cherry pick these I do all the time!!)


The truly tough/pricey stuff is easy, just look in a price guide and pick out the high dollar coins.



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I do not buy or actively search for any of the items mentioned in this post, but the US type coin I see the least seems to the Capped Head quarter and half eagle. The others seem available (when I look on Heritage) - even a coin like the Drapped Bust/Small Eagle half dollar - unless someone is referring to individual dates, die varieties, grades or eye appeal. An example of the latter that I do not see very often is Classic Head large cents.

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