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and on the 7th day the Wayte Raymond created the Twins (Roosie's)

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Ok I have no idea what these coins were housed in but I guess they could have been an old Wayte Raymond (shrug)


I picked up the twins from the same seller and it's obvious that the pair spent time in the same location......I thought the price we agreed upon was very fair considering the eye appeal of these coins so what do my forum friends think????hm











Ok....I know they're are some real Monster Proof Roosie's out there so let's see them ya'll :applause:

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Wow them are Great want to sell


Can't a guy enjoy them a while before he gets broke and has to sell lol

How much? It just so happens I need these. I am working on a set of proof Roosvelt toners (focused on the earlier dates first).


By the way, I am in 100% agreement with "Wayte Raymond" toning being the culprit here.

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Wow, those are two beauties that I wouldn't mind having in my collection.


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Individually they would be very nice, but as a set....well.. :baiting:...they are spectacular as a pair.!! I love them and I hope that they never get split up somewhere down the road...congrats krypto..

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cant tell 100% as i need to see them in hand sight seen


but they look like from the photos


original never dipped cello toned

coins from cardboard holders that were put there as soon

as they came from the mint








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Nice looking Roosies, Shane. (thumbs u


IMO Roosies like that need to be liberated from the slab and go back to a holder. Not to add any more toning, they are quite sweet as they are, it's just that Roosies (or indeed any small coins) in NGC slabs always seem overwhelmed by plastic to my eye.

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