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Presidential Coins planchet edges - all copper

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I am new to coin collecting so please excuse my question if it is to generic or dumb!


I have opened over 30 rolls of George Washington mint rolls aquired from different banks in my area.


Today I opened up 2 rolls aquired from the same bank. Just about everyone of these coins planchet edges are 70-90% copper from the cladding.

The edge lettering is also very light on about 1/4 of the coins as if the coin diameter is smaller.


The other 28 rolls were not this way.


Is this normal for the Presidential Coins?

With this many in 2 rolls from the same bank, I would assume a batch of low quality planchets made it through quality control to be struck.


If this is normal, then I will just carry on!!


I can post pics if it would help but my small camera doesn't take coin pictures very well.


Thanks for your time,


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While the coin is clad (managanese bronze on a pure copper core) I find it very difficult for me to see a difference in the color between the two metals. Also from the punching of the blanks from the strip it is quite normal for one of the outer layers and the core layer to be "smeared" downward makeing the bottom clad layer appear much thinner or even non-existant. (Actually the "smearing on the edge of the blank is upwards with the bottom layer and core covering the top layer. On the edge of the hole in the strip the smearing is in the other direction, top and core smear down and cover the bottom layer. This is why on an incomplete planchet on a clad coin the smear on the edge of the coin goes one way, and on the inside of the clip it goes the other way.)


The weak lettering is not caused by an improper diameter planchet, but rather by an improperly set edge lettering machine. There is a roller that presses the coin against the edge die as it rotates. If that roller is set too far away then the lettering will be weak.

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