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Account Security Notice: eBay Listing(s) Removed

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Hmmm, first time I've ever had this happen to me!


Dear earlyus,


The results of the following listing(s) have been cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner's authorization:


330187959723 1806/5 Bust quarter, looks VF or so, 1cNR free ship!


We have cancelled the listing(s) to maintain the integrity of the eBay site, your account, and the bidder’s account that was accessed. We are working to restore the bidding account to its rightful owner, and we are working with the account owner to prevent any additional unauthorized activity. Since the account owner did not initiate these bids, all fees resulting from the listings in question will be credited to your account within 7 days. If you do not see the credits posted to your account after 7 days, please feel free to contact us through ‘Contact Us’ in our Help section.


Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to automatically relist these items for you. Instead, to relist these items you will need to start from the beginning of the listing process, either through the "Sell Your Item" process or through your third party listing service. We know that this is an inconvenience and we apologize for the negative impact it may cause you. We are working on tools to allow you to relist your items without starting from the beginning, but they are not available at this time.


Do not respond to this email, as your reply will not be received. If there are issues that have not been addressed by this message, you can contact us by clicking the "Help" link located at the top of most eBay pages and selecting "Contact Us" from the menu on the left hand side of the page.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.




eBay Trust & Safety

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I guess you should count your lucky busties that they caught on to the scheme in time!


The only thing that I really don't like about notices like the one you received, is that I wish Mr. Trust and Mr. Safety would include their given names. It seems so darned impersonal!



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There must be a number of compromised accounts. I had four items ending on Sunday night, three had bids and they were all canceled for the same reason. Since I did not see who bid, and eBay deletes the user bidding record, I did not see if it was the same user.


At least they're watching something. I am still p.o.'ed over a NARU'd user who won one of my auction the day before the user was NARU'd!!


Scott :hi:

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It sounds like selling on eBay these days gets harder and harder given all the new rules and canceled bids.


EBay always was a lot more work than simply selling a coin at a show. To prepare for the sale you have to do the write-up, take the pictures and post the listing. During the sale you might have to answer a question or two. Then you have wait for the payment, package the item and take it to the post office. It’s a lot more work than just putting a coin out in the case and selling it.


EBay is getting to be like going to the dentist or flying on plane. If there were better alternatives you sure would opt for them. And in the long run that can’t be good for eBay.


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I am getting tired of E bay. I mentioned on here a few weeks ago that I paid by check and was willing to wait the 10 days as the Seller did not take Pay Pal and I wanted the coin. The seller sent me an E Mail that he had received the payment and then on the 10th day filed an unpaid item on me.I was able to prove the payment so then he apologized for keeping poor records.


On the 13th I paid for a coin and was thanked for the instant payment and was told the coin would ship within 48 hours.Yesterday on the 19th I had not heard anything and E mailed the Selller who told me that he had mixed it up with another shipment and it didn't go out until yesterday on the 19th even though I paid on the 13th. In the former case where the guy filed an unpaid item I left negative feedback that said. "Cashed my check and filed an unpaid claim". The guy then filed an "unfair feedback on me".



The seller complains about all the work and expects immediate payment but then dumps on the Buyer who has no recourse but to file a complaint that EBay ignores for the most part.

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Maybe Ant has the right idea, he could just call it Oboy!(as in oboy! an alternative to ebay). lol Make it a collectible only auction. One thing that no one brings up about subjective grading. When a seller places something on ebay there is an all encompassing statement regarding the object's(coin in our case) authenticity and the sellers guaranteeing this as the last item setting up the sale. Maybe Ant could make this more legally binding. :wishluck:

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I received one of my last two coins. I wrote the other Seller and told him that I needed a tracking number or I would be filing that I had not received the item.. He swears that he shipped the coin on the 19th that I paid for on the 13th.He also told me that he believed that the 10 days did not start until he sent the item.


I told him that this was BS. as Sellers could wait 3 weeks and then send the coin and the 10 days will start at that time.He also told me that it was the Post Office with Government employees and not FED EX or UPS and they didn't give out tracking numbers. I told him that it could be tracked and that at the most there was a $.55 for a confirmation and that I would think he would want it.


The guy also whined and told me that this was what was wrong with the world today and that there was no Trust and I did not trust him when he said he sent it and besides that the Post Office was crowded as it was the Holidays.


I asked him about the Trust that the artcle would be shipped within 48 hours after I apid which was the 13th.


The problem here is that I think the guy actaully believes what he says and this problem has been getting worse with the Sellers on E Bay lately. Ebay just wants the fees and could care less about the Buyer and some of the Sellers are either crooked or don't know what they are doing


Still haven't heard back from him on my trusting he would send the coin after 48 hours of payment. I guess his defintion is Trust only the Seller.

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I am perfectly aware of the rules on various sites.If I instantly pay on the 13th of November and get a message thanking me for my payment the same day and that it will be shipped in 48 hours then this is what I expect.The 19th is not 48 hours later.


I am pretty sure that the guy shipped it out on the 19th.I have the invoice that I payed extra for Insurance.If the Seller payed for it then he has a tracking number.By the gist of his conversations I don't think he understands this



If the guy purchased Insurance he probably thinks that the only way to collect it is to present the receipt.What upsets me even more is the fact that the guy did not ship it out until 6 days after payment because he mixed it up with other items and there is no delevery today so it takes me 11 days to receive a coin that I paid for instantly and then the guy whines about me not trusting that he sent the coin out on the 19th.


What happened to the Trust of him sending out the coin when promised.I had another seller who did not accept Pay Pal and I could not get to the Bank so sent him a check with the understanding that I would have to wait 10 days.He sent me an E Mail that he had received the payment etc.Onthe 10 th day I received an Email asking if I had sent the payment and an alert for an unpaid item.


I gave him a negative feedback of " cashed my check and then filed an unpaid item after 10 days:. He filed with EBAY for "unfair feedback".He logged it incorrectly.


Ebay supports this sort of behavior as I have written them twice and they have ignored me.Unless I get a really good deal I am more and more going to Teletrade and Heritage..



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