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Tonight's "Mystery Coin"

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Well, except for a big blob of African coins, the majority of the hundreds and hundreds of foreign odds n' ends are sorted into little baggies by country. I could have taken longer...but this morning, my wife asked me "sweetly"...."Honey, where's the dining room table?" I know I'm in deep doo-doo when she starts a question with "honey". But the good news...I think I found the table..it was under all those darned coins...silly me!

Found coins from places I never heard of...now the Cataloging...if I live that long...


This tiny little coin was at the bottom of the load. Any ideas as to origin and approximate age? It is a bit smaller than a half dime and "wicked" thin. My first guess was Iran...don't know why I guessed THAT...but now I'm thinking one of those India-States...but I really have no clue.


Anyone have a use for a well worn, hard times token with a small hole in the middle? Design visible and I just don't have the heart to throw it away. Gee...the copper must be worth 5 cents...I'll even pay postage...(what a' guy!)


RI AL...and thanks for the help.





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Well, the mystery isn't solved, but we're getting closer. From my friend, the Indian coin expert:


The coin imapge you posted in not an of Indian coin. From the look and feel it looks like medival Islamic coin and the inscription is very generic (the standard Kalima). So, without seeing the other side, it's very tough to identify the coin.
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Thank you so much for forwarding my request for information about the "Mystery Coin". I don't want to impose any further so please thank your friend on my behalf. Also, if he is curious, I did post both sides of the coin...he needs to scroll down a bit to see the other side.


Thanks again!!! RI AL

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I'm not saying 100%...but I love a good mystery. I checked back through my world guides from 1600-present and I think I'm in the ballpark with a few guesses... hm


I believe it's from Afghanastan, you didn'y say the metal but I thought maybe a silver rupee...it seems as if every town/city/province hammered their own seperate coinage. :frustrated:..would explain the off-center (which is common) and the not quite roundness...I couldn't tell you exactly which one. The pics below should show how difficult it is to pinpoint a coin like this...especially with the wear and misalignment...


My guess was based upon using the area with the beaded edge and the -script ( Afghanastan has nearly 100 different scripts alone :pullhair: )




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Hey, Guys.


Hope you all are having a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving. We postponed ours until tomorrow because my brother and sister-in-law are coming up from West Palm. She gave me a kidney...we're giving them a turkey. That's a deal!!


Thanks also for the help with the tiny Arabic? coin. I ordered 3 new Catalog of World Coins books, 1601-1700's, 1701-1800 and 1801-1900 so hopefully I can identify some of those "oldies" so I won't have to impose on you guys. You were very helpful on the ones I posted and I thank you.


Anyone out there collect wooden nickels? Found a 325th anniversary of Greater Providence free if anyone out there can use it.


The foreign coin sorting is 99% done, and now I am going to attack my world paper money box. Maybe 150 bills in there,. mostly collected from our overseas years so I don't expect any treasures. Now I need a paper money catalog. I'll hunt for recent copies on E-Bay. Don't need new ones.


I also found 24 rolls of 40% silver half dollars and 2 1/2 rolls of 90%ers, as well as a bunch of quarters and dimes pre 1965. No wonder the bank box was so darn heavy. Usually took me and the jail keeper lady to lift it out. No real treasures but years and years and years.......of collecting, accumulating, and searching bank rolls back in the early 1970's. That was my wife's and my "big weekend thing" since we were pretty broke in college. I don't think the tellers in Tallahassee liked to see me come in...gee...I wonder why?.



All the best and enjoy this day!!



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