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Into the routine in Phoenix

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Well, boardsters, I'm made the trek from Winnemucca, NV (where I spent the last year and a half) to Phoenix, AZ.


My fiancee, YunYun, flew in from China on Nov. 7 so I'm experiencing all sorts of changes...all for the good, though! :)


We stayed all night in Las Vegas last Tuesday night at my sisters and then I left with what I thought was time to spare to check into my apartment in Phoenix before 1800 on Wednesday. But, heck no.... I offered the office manager 40 bucks to hang around for an extra half an hour so that I could get my keys: and it was well worth it!


Then we spent over 2 hours lugging up our possessions to the 3rd floor. Got some sleep and then started my new job Thursday morning at Phoenix Children's Hospital doing MRI.


Then, Thursday night, we went shopping. Had to get that wok! And I left the a/c running for Caleb, my St. Bernard. Came out and I had ran out of gas. :( So, I went back in and bought a gas can and found a taxi to take me the mile to the gas station and back. Lucky me!! O/W, I would have been hoofin' it. Worked Friday and now am experiencing the weekend. It is defininitely rewarding after such a long week.


I just now got DSL internet so I am back!


The finances are very tight now since I splurged on the 1796 dime and no stars half dime but once a couple of paychecks start rolling in then I'll be cool. Guess that was my weakness that Mark Feld was talking about. Oh well....time will pass but I will still have a couple of great new additions to my type set!! No regrets!


So, that is my life and some pics to go with it...


The first pic is of YunYun and my sister, Dana. One with my daughter. One with me and Caleb. Some of YunYun in Arizona. And the last one is Caleb and my sister's dog, Nixon.









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You got to Phoenix at a good time, so you'll have 6 months to acclimate before it gets really hot. We moved from northern Utah to Tucson last January, so the difference in temperature (and humidity in monsoon season) is significant. You will find a good selection of dealers and coin exhibitions within a 2-hour drive. Arizona is a good place to be if you're a coin collector (and we don't pay state sales tax on coins). Just north, and northeast, are fabulous places to visit during a weekend or vacation. Enjoy

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AZDR, yep, I hope to take advantage of the dealers and the sites.


Charlie, it is a temporary job for 13 weeks. Even though I grew up in the city, I think that when I take a permanent job then it will be someplace rural.


I may be going back to Tonopah once this assignment is up. We'll see. Then again, I may be YOUR neighbor. :þ


Thanks for the comments, guys. (thumbs u

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I still think Caleb is prettier than you. lol




Really? I have difficulty telling them apart. :insane: Thanks for the update, Victor. Glad to hear that everything is going well.

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Yep, it's really true that pets resemble their owners. Chris, you must own a barracuda, you snaggle-toothed, old-farte. :flamed:


Yep, life is good. It would be better if I were independently wealthy but that's a different story. :P Thanks for the comments, boardsters. :foryou:

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Get to work, Victor! (tsk) I just added a coin to my registry set and you aren't so close to overtaking me anymore. hm


Dang it, son! Just when I was smelling your muffler, too... doh!


Well, let me take some time to fill up with some high octane greased lightning and I'll catch ya one of these days! :hi:


p.s. So what, are registry points doubled today? (shrug) Great addition, BTW! (thumbs u

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Victor never met you if you want to hit some shops drop me a line or head to the desert

on the paths less traveled and see the sights have 4x4 's and all the spare time in the world.

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I'm free most day and weekends live in Chandler gone to a few shops in Mesa -Scottsdale.

Go prospecting for gold with dry wash machine drive around desert lots of stuff to see .Local auctions place sometimes good http://www.auctionandappraise.com/auctionschedule.htm

would say I'm retired or just lazy

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Well, John, let me collect a couple of paychecks and get ahead a little and I think that it would be great to hit the road and do something. I brought my metal detector along but I have little experience with it even though it is a top of the line garrett.


Give me a call some weekend at 702-821-5943.


Take care.



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