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A Shield Nickel Question

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Hi all i have a Question about the 1869 Narrow date coin ..


can anyone in the US tell me what type of premium this logotype coin has.

also how much would you expect to pay for a coin like the one in the picture




all the best dooly :devil:

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No problem


The 1869 was the first year in the shield nickel series where two different four digit logotypes were used. these were the "narrow digit" & and "wide digit" Varieties; the Narrow is the scariest of the two.


dooly (thumbs u

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Thanks well in that case looks like you have the 005 listed as the tall date with a value around $50, but I'm probably wrong since I've just learned about the logotypes.

Here's some links.




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Cheers ibuyandsell $50 sound fair for the condition of the coin i posted (thumbs u


Cheers Skippy.. that's what i am trying to do as i am missing one from my collection and there seems to be a lack of interesting shields about on eBay at the moment .. :cry:


dooly :devil:

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According to the Cherrypicker's price guide:

Tall date FS301 Shield--F-$15 VF-$25 EF-$50 and so on.

If you would like, I can PM you a copy of this pricing guide for all FS Shield Nickels, Dooly. Hope this helps.


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I'd still say ignore CPG on this one and just wait for one that you like to pop up on eBay. Bid something reasonable for a regular 1869 in the condition shown and you should be able to acquire one.


Don't worry if you miss out on an auction. These come along with reasonable regularity. They are easy to acquire unless you are looking for super high grade examples.


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