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Really DUMB question

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OK, I'm going to take a risk by asking a blush-able question. No eggs please, toilet paper in the trees or hate mail...I'm just a poor little ole' learner.


REGISTRY! I' getting an idea as to what it's all about and think it would be neat to have a collection in the registry. The area where I have nearest to a complete set (with many unknown gaps I'm sure) is foreign coins with Music/Musicians/composers/instruments.... None of them are certified (except my Cincinnati half dollar) as virtually all are in the original mint packages, cases or whatnot. Is there a registry for that sort of thing? Can I start one?


RI AL....just curious

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Is there a registry for that sort of thing?
Both the NGC and PCGS registries require that all coins be slabbed. One of them only allows its own slabs, and the other one allows slabs from both of them, but no one else. I don't recall which is which, as I am totally not into slabbing.
Can I start one?
Sure, just list your coins with descriptions and pictures on a web site and name it "Musical Coin Registry" or something similar. Set it up so others can also post their appropriate coins/info, and presto . . ..
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If you want to be in the NGC registry, you've got to have your coins slabbed. You can create a signature set, which is essentially a set where you define the "holes".


A website, as mentioned, is a good alternative for sharing your collection.

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