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A few more "unknowns" from Peru

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Hi, Guys. Very wet and raw here in RI this evening. They even said the SNOW word...but just a flake or two...maybe..


Here are a few more mystery pieces I picked up while living in Peru. I checked "World Coins" but could not find any of the 3. Did I miss them? 2 are silver and the other is gold. I hope the scans came out ok for identification. Thanks for your help!!







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MTHead. Thank you for the information. IN my 34th edition, no mention is made of any of the 3 coins. There is, however a 1932 Pattern 5 soles with the # Pn27 but there is no picture so I don't know if it is a match or not.


Are mintages, values and purpose of issue mentioned in your catalog?.


many thanks. RI AL

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No mintages or explanation of purpose given but values for F - VF - XF - UNC were:

KM Tn1 - $8.50 - $12.50 - $18.50 - $30

KM Tn2 - $60 - $80 - $110 - $150

KM Tn5 - $12 - $17.50 - $28.50 - $42.50


NOTE: values are from the 30th Edition Standard Catalog Of World Coins - copyright 2002 so $ amounts have probably changed.

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All three are pictured and priced in the 35th edition


1 Sol silver

TN1 ........F ....VF .....XF ...Unc ...BU

1910 — 8.50 12.50 18.50 30.00 40.00


5 Sol gold

TN2........ F .....VF ...XF .Unc BU

1910 — 60.00 80.00 110 150 200


5 Sol silver

TN5......... F .....VF ....XF ...Unc ..BU

1932 — 12.00 17.50 28.50 45.00 —


I haven't been able to find out anything for sure about their use, but they are apparently a token issue intended for use by Peru's national defense forces. Peru and Ecuador had several skermishes along their border in 1910 and in the 30's and 40's. During those times they probably stepped up the national defense forces and needed a token coinage for their internal use. (Post and or canteen purposes?)

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