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ANA puts clothes on coins???

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Well...I've had a real hard time swallowing SGS (is THAT the name for the company that puts the little football stickers on PCGS/NGC and says they are correctly graded) and it is still digesting ...or not...with great difficulty.


I saw in Coin World yesterday that for $1extra, ANACS will put your new ANACS slabs in this "nifty" little box called the Elite Collection. Hmmmmmmm...I wonder what's next. Maybe "Elite Collections box condoms"...to protect them from excessive wear... Personally, I think there is huge market potential for little coin bras for the draped bust series, and most especially for the Type 1 Standing Liberty quarters. I mean...SHOCKING....And all those world olympic coins that show nude athletes...and what tropical island issued that "x-rated" well endowed, male native...with Queen Elizabeth on the other side (of the coin...not the native)...certainly there is need for teeny weeny (no pun intended) athletic supporters for those guys.


Sometimes I just have to wonder what ever happened to "less is more"...or just good ole' common sense. I feel really badly for newcomers to this hobby because ...well...just because it just doesn't make too much sense to this 57 year old who has been collecting for about 50 of those years.


In the meantime, I have to get back to my sewing...I promised 100 mini jock straps to my distributor by Friday...and double drat...I missed a clearance sale at WalMart on elastic for those micro-bras!!! Cup size is still in negotiations, however.


RI AL...a bit snippy this evening...damn kidney meds!!

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Hey Ri Al... if your kidney meds could take a shot of scotch, I would suggest it and relax!


First, the group you are thinking about is the CAC. Regardless of what you, me, or carson city think about their services, they are here now. We don't have to use their services nor do we really have to pay attention to them. In fact, that's the true form of market acceptance--ignore them and they will just go away (did you read that, cc??).


I wrote about the ANACS box in another post. The bottom line is that if you're not interested, don't buy them. They are $1 as part of the introduction and $4 after the sale ends. But if nobody buys them, they will just go away. That's the true form of market acceptance, or non-acceptance.


Nobody is forcing you to change the way you collect. Buy the coin, not the holder, sticker, case, or other filly things these companies are trying to push. I am... you should to!


So sit... put your feet up... relax... maybe have some cranberry juice with your kidney meds. Everything will be all right!


Scott :hi:

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Good points, Scott. But to this geezer...it is all just one more layer of fluff...full of air but with no "nutritional" value to the hobby.



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