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WTT: Star Trek DS9 DVD set for $45 in coins

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I'm going to try and feed one of my nerdy addictions (coins) with another of my nerdy addictions (Star Trek)


Up for trade is a very good condition Star Trek DS9 Season Six DVD set (US formated DVDs). I've got it for sale on half.com, but I know there are a few other trekkies on the boards, so I thought I'd offer it here as well.


The DVDs play fine with no skipping - there is a little shelf wear on the packaging, but nothing major. Smoke-free home.


I'm asking for offers of ~$45 worth of coins. Some trade ideas:



(1) Raw British silver britannias ('98, '03, '06, or '07) - I'd probably value those around $30-$32


(2)Australian silver Kookaburras in nice shape - any dates other than 2007.

I think the common ones are going around $20/ea +/-



I need a few Wheats for my dansco. Here's the price I'd have to pay if I bought them from Wayne Herndon:

1909 VDB 19.99 Au

1910-S 21.99 F

1911-D 17.99 VF

1912-D 10.99 F

1913-S 24.99 F

1943-S 19.99 Gem BU (~64ish)



Maybe a nice common date Peace dollar in MS/AU as appropriate for the price range. I like my peace dollars fairly white



Maybe a nice 19th century or early 20th century (pre-1930s) US or british coin. Feel free to make a suggestion.



Perhaps a common, uncirculated Indian Head Cent



Maybe a flying eagle cent with a little detail (VG to F, whatever the price range accomodates)



Franklin halves, blast-white and uncirculated MS64 FBL examples from the 50s


Those are some ideas to get started on, anyway. If some of those sound good, let me know. Otherwise, PM me some ideas of your own.



Obviously, any coins should be problem-free (no cleaning, damage, etc). (I hate that I need to state that, but I've heard enough horror stories that I just say that to everybody now)





I'll bump this maybe once and then give up.

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