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Coin Show Report - Parsippany, NJ

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Today I, once again, went to the first-Sunday-of-the-month, 80+ dealer show in Parsippany, NJ. This show features a main room with 75 or so dealers and a side room with a half-dozen dealers.


First of all, I'm pleased to say that parking wasn't the problem it was last month. There was only one game going on at Smith Field, so parking was readily available.


The show was as busy as it usually is - you could get down the aisles at a slow shuffle, only once in a while having to turn sideways.


Today I spent much of my time chatting, so I didn't get to give every table a good examination. From what I saw, the "usual" material (Morgans, classic commems, Bust halves, etc.) was readily available, and the "unusual" (pre-1853 Liberty Seated, Bust quarters, etc.) wasn't. I did see a dealer with an entire display case of CAC-stickered coins, though. I also overheard a dealer and a sophisticated collector discussing what the sticker "meant": the dealer's take was that it meant that the coin was "solid for the grade" and would garner the coin perhaps a 10% premium, but not more.


I had a nice chat with ATS board member, Jon Lerner (ScardsaleCoin), who was still on a "high" from CoinFest. He's already anticipating next year, when they'll have almost twice the floor space at their new location. I chatted briefly with Larry (ATS board member SeaEagleCoins), who had a couple of nice-looking PCGS-slabbed Seated dollars; his 1846 in XF was particularly "dirty" looking!


I also saw eight or so fellow members of the New Jersey Numismatic Society - all we needed was our president and we could have had a meeting! One of the club members had just snapped up a very original and attractive raw 1861 Seated quarter in XF. (It's supposedly a "common" coin, but it's not one I see very often.) Tom Hyland had a couple of 1795 halves, one slabbed (PCGS) and one raw and an NGC-slabbed 1795 half dime.


All-in-all, it was a good show - I almost bought a couple of coins (my coin budget is a little limp these days) and had fun chatting with several people.


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the dealer's take was that it meant that the coin was "solid for the grade" and would garner the coin perhaps a 10% premium, but not more.




Does this mean that if a slab doesn't have the CAC sticker then there will be a 10% discount?

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Nice report Dave, interesting hearing about the "stickers" out on the brouse floor now.


Thanks for posting! (thumbs u



Say Victor, forget the 10%, drop those coins to the next lower grades value!! :insane:lol lol lol

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That's an interesting report, especially about the stickered coins. At the PAN show in Pittsburgh this fall year, there was more trafic than I have ever seen in 10 years of the show. The dealers were excited that they were filling want lists and buying/selling like crazy. But they said they couldn't sell their slabs; one said ""know one has even looked in the case; I might as well have left them at home." There is a huge slowdown on generic slabs. I wonder how the new sticker service will affect that once those slabs proliferate.

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