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Stupid Newbie Question

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Just recently I bought three Proof Sets from a "collectables" dealer. You know the type...everything from dolls to belt buckles. The only reason I bought them was they were selling for dirt and I figured, if nothing else, I could off them on eBay and pick up a buck or two.


The 1979 and 1980 sets were about what you would expect. Pretty run of the mill. The set from 1981 appears to be another matter entirely. Really nice coins. Frosty busts on deep black mirrow finishes (the quarter isn't quite as nice as the others) and a beautiful red Lincoln cent.


The questions center on the mint marks. I have examples of both the Type I and Type II SBAs from 1979 and 1981. This looks for all the world like another Type II SBA. However, I have heard many times there are a lot of Type II's floating around out there that really aren't. But this mark sure doesn't look like the usual Type I blob.


Not only the SBA but the Lincoln cent and the Roosevelt dime appear to have the nice clear S on them.


If so, would it be usual for all three "Clear S" types to show up in the same Proof Set? Or do the odds suggest I'm seeing things?




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Jim - These are sets I cherrypick regularly. Most of the confusion exists with the T2 1981 coins. Keep in mind that the 1981 T1 coins are like the 1979 T2 coins - clear S. The 1981 T2 coins have a fatter S that has somewhat of a flat top and a heavy, very round "top tip" to the S that extends somewhat over the loop of the S below it. The illustrations in the Red Book are a good reference.


As for the mixed T1/T2 sets, I have found quite a number of them. Occasionally I have found complete T2 sets, but those seem to be in the minority.


Hope that helps. Hoot.

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