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Franklin Half Auction Wins: how did I do?

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How did I do on these two auction wins? acclaim.gif


1963-D PCGS MS64 FBL



1954-S PCGS MS64 FBL



Any advice on building a nice collection of Franklins?




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The '63-D looks to be a nice coin, although the image really doesn't tell me much. It appears to have some chatter along the front of Franklin's hairline and a large luster graze along his cheek. The '54-S, on the other hand, looks very clean. I don't know the price structure of this series well but it seems to me that you did quite nicely on this pair.


You may want to send a PM to Lucy as she knows infinitely more about this series than I will ever know and, in my personal experience, she has been freely willing to share her knowledge.

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Very nice. 63 looks great. If you're going to get into Franklins I's suggest you pick up the following books.


The Complete Guide to Franklin Half Dollars

and The Complete Guide to Franklin Half Dollars, Volume 2,

both by Rick Tomaska.


These are amazingly informative books.


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Both coins appear to have nice fields and seem to be solid for a ms64 just miss GEM grade......


You did outstanding on the prices here, especially on the 54s!


This can be a really fun series to build and many many bargains can be found in ms64fbl and also in ms65, ms66 non-fbl.....


If you focus on a ms64fbl set, your greatest expenses will be the early 50s S mints and the late 60s P mints. The 53s is the killer, in a 4 holder this one goes for 4500- 5k, if you can find one. But on this issue you can find a lovely ms66 non-fbl anywhere from 195 - 255 depending on quality.... a ms65 in the 60 -80 dollar range... And, keep your eye open on the NGC holdered ones, more great values!!!


Good luck with your purchases, I think you will be very pleased when you have them in hand...


The images from the auctions are scans which lose all of the luster.....

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I have the complete guide vol. 1 and not the new vol. 2...


I think this is must have reading for anybody thinking of Franklins.... A great addition to your Numismatic Library......

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I have one proof 1961 Franklin that has awesome orange-red toning with a vertical light blue streak on the obverse. When I bought the proof set years ago, I had removed the coins and placed them in 2x2's. Somehow, over the years, while in the 2x2 box, the rim of the half had partially sliced through the plastic window of the 2x2 and also formed a fold or increase in the plastic film and that's where and how the blue streak developed on the coin. I don't really collect the Franklin halves and I have hopes of selling this coin someday. Because of the vibrant toning that this coin has, I imagine it could fetch $50 or more but I don't really know so that's why I still have it for now. 893blahblah.gif Maybe $250 sounds right? Who knows? Do I hear $499.95? 27_laughing.gif


Probably sign-offtopic.gif, Leo juggle.gif

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