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Help with a Vam, it's a Toner, and yes Krypto Likes it!!!!!

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Oh I just love the thrill of the hunt....scouring Ebay for hours on end looking for that needle in a hay stack. A bad image of a good coin, or a BIN that's clearly too low......PCGS search, NGC searches, Anacs Search, Rainbow, Toned, Toning, ending soonest, newly listed.........they don't make a pill for this stuff :sick: but its the thrill of victory when that big chance you took pays off when you open the mailbox........it makes the pain and burning in your eyes from hours of sqinting at your monitor all worth while. :acclaim:


Then on top of that....when you get this pretty hunk of metal in your hand and run a high power loop over it and you spot something......something that looks different about this specimen.....a variety perhaps hm


Ok Vamers...take a peek and see if you agree with my attribution. It's easier for me as I have the coin in hand but the following description matches the coin perfectly so I am pretty sure this is the one! There is Doubling on both sides of the 1st 8 and then you can clearly see the doubled 1 and there is a dot in front of the left of the bottom crossbar etc








1884-O VAM-11 Doubled 18, O/O Right


1 doubled as dot to left of the bottom crossbar and at the top. First 8 doubled left of top loop and right of bottom.



oh and the colors.....bestill my little heart I am happy with this one....real happy :luhv: .....but I can't tell you a price......no sense rubbing it in :baiting:








:cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9:

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I have paid a heck of a lot more for a lot less coin...many...many...many times so when I saw the image of this......it looked like it would be a pretty coin........so I popped the BIN when it was first listed and I am sure glad I did.... :golfclap:


Still need to verify what Vam it is so come on Vamers.....give me your opinions :grin:

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To be honest, Shane, I'm not sure that it is a VAM11. From the picture I have of the VAM11 in the "Encyclopedia", the dot to the left of the "1" is near the top of the base, not the bottom as in your photo. The doubling at the top, left of the "1" is different, too. Also, the "O/O Right" shows the vertical line inside and on the right; the "O/O Left" shows the vertical line inside and on the left. I just went through a dozen '84 O/O that I have, but none of them are similar to yours.


I love the reverse toning on yours, and I know how you feel about finding one in a TPGS holder without the attribution. Earlier this year, I bought an 84-O in a PCGS 64DMPL. When I got it, my jaw dropped to the floor because it is a VAM6 Top 100. It's worth more than double what I paid for it.


So, come on! Make us feel bad! Tell us what you paid on the BIN. You've got a nice one there.






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That really was $69? That’s crazy. Sweet purchase!



Yep.....$69 BIN and I grabbed it pretty quickly after it was listed.....the seller had several nice toners but I liked this the best and is was much cheaper than the rest so go figure??? (shrug)

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