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Need some gold help

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Thanks for all your help on the 1804 cent I got some more pictures coming. I appreciate the kindness as a newbie till I can get off the ground a bit more...


Heres another trade offer Ive recieved.....My end of the trade is about 500'ish Im taking the 2 $10.00 new coins and hes offerd the 2-10s and the 2-5s but I really got an inling for the 2 1/2 as I hate to trade something on my end from 1908 to get somthing for 2000 whatever....The antique side in me....


Need some help on this 1847 2 1/2 and your thoughts to value...



Again thanks in advance for your information youve worked so hard to learn.



Antique Fishing Lures



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Ps I do have a few books and Ive done some research I dont want you to think Im just asking for your hard earned info to be lazy on my part....


My biggest problem is grading condition as it relates to value....Fishing lures is a whole lot easier then coins due to shear volume of product, players on diff levels, manufacturing and bottom line $$ value....Esp with all these diff 3rd party grades as they relate to value, the cleaning issues, the market, etc etc etc....Its blowing my mind, almost making me want to stick with what I know , but Im going to give it a whirl ...



Thanks again. Matt

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Well first of all I looked at both your attachments and do not see a 1847 2 1/2 Gold piece. I am not sure what you are looking at purchasing or trading but depending on the mint mark and condition you are looking at some real money here. Not to be critical but is sounds to me as if you may be a little ahead of yourself. Please be carerul with gold especially raw gold.



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I'm not quite certain what your trade is since there are also Chinese, South African and French coins in the mix that you have imaged. If I read your post correctly, it appears you are trading $500 for the two American Gold Eagle (AGE) 1/4 ounce bullion pieces and the two 1/10 ounce bullion pieces. If this is true then you are trading $500 for 0.7 ounces bullion gold, which works out to an effective gold price of $714 per ounce. This is less than the bullion spot price of about $745. Of course, since you are trading approximately $500 in value, the actual effective price per ounce you are paying will vary from $714. The two older pieces are ex-jewelry and are considered damaged, which hurts there resale or trade value.

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