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Quick Headlines from the ANA... Cipoletti & Museums Out!

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The ANA Board of Governors "terminated with cause" executive director Christoper Cipoletti. The move followed a one hour presentation by Cipoletti on Monday. Cipoletti had been on paid administrative leave since the Board last met at the ANA World's Fair of Money last August. more...


The ANA Board of Governors terminated their commitment to the Gold Rush museum in San Francisco citing concerns over their ability to raise the money necessary to support such a project. The move caused the ANA to withdraw the $1 million pledge from Steve Contursi for the museum projects. (more...). This move came almost two weeks after the ANA voted via conference call to cancel the proposed museum project in Washington, DC. (more...)


Governor Walter Ostromecki is reported to be doing fine after emergency kidney stone surgery in Colorado Springs. This meeting would have marked the two year anniversary since his dismissal from the previous board.


Could this be the beginning of a much needed turnaround for the ANA? I hope so!


Scott :hi:

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What can certainly be said is that the ANA Board of Governors acted quickly upon assuming office. Hopefully the changes will be in the best interest of the ANA and the coin hobby in general.

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Ack, I haven't been keeping up, I'm sad to hear about the museum project in DC being canceled. It would have been the first thing giving me reason to go downtown (I'm about 20 min outside of DC) since seeing someone speak at the Cat last summer. I guess I'd missed the amount that they'd have had to raise to get it going properly, and considering the membership issues thanks to people being concerned about ANA Board actions the last couple years, it's not entirely surprising. Hopefully the other things the new board is getting done will inspire enough of a membership bump to get the museum project rolling again in a few years.


As far as Cipoletti goes, I haven't followed his situation too closely, but I've heard enough ANA members shouting about him to know that his departure was a matter of time. I have my leanings on the issue, but I don't consider myself well-informed enough to voice an opinion (a rarity on the internet, I know :) ), so I'll leave that there.


Overall it seems like the board is so far making good on their promise to do what they can to put things back on the right track, which is encouraging.

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