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What is the best way to sell a 1879 S MS 66 DPL Morgan $ ?

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I think you lose absolutely nothing except a few dollars listing fee to try to move it through ebay and you can specify what you want for it without fear of paying the added charge that Heritage and B&M charge for coins that do not meet the reserve.

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That would be a coin I'd be interested in depending on what you're looking to sell it for, and if it's nice for the grade, please PM me if you still have it.



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Regarding the question of eBay vs a more traditional live auction house like Heritage, I think TomB is correct.


1. eBay reaches a very large audience -- much larger than Heritage or the other houses.


2. eBay reaches an audience with a broad financial profile.


3. eBay does not force you to give up 15% to the house.


The huge drawback is that eBay doesn't provide a "lot viewing" capability. Thus, the sharp eyes of the industry (or, hobby) won't be bidding shot money even if your coin is PQ. And, consequently, the top market makers are more apt to overlook your coin.


Of course, if your coin is at best solid for the grade and designation, and of commensurately typical eye appeal, then your coin would get passed over by the best eyes of the market anyway.


There is another drawback with eBay -- less potential for auction frenzy. In a live auction, oftentimes big ego bidders will literally try to beat their competition with their paddle. That lot closes whenever someone gives. For eBay, a lot closes whenever the time allotment is over. I guess it's like baseball vs football!




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