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Sets of popular series--Kennedys, Ikes, SBA, Jeffs--sold below bid

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Got a bunch of coin sets in that I just want to blow out. These should be good for collectors and dealers alike. Returns are always accepted, but I would prefer a personal check or money order at these prices.


1. Set of BU Roosies in Harco pages. 1946 to 2006. Missing only 1949 PDS and 1950 S. Also included are the proofs from 1956-1964. The dates from 1965-to 2006 are included as well as the SMS's. The special silver proofs from 1992-2006 are included. Also is an undated 50% off center no date in gem BU. Dealer bid on this set is about $300 not including the off center and the 56-64 proofs. Priced to move at $275.


2. Set of BU and proof Roosies in Harco album. 1946-1964 are all BU. The rest of the set is from 1965 -1995 all BU and proof. No special issues silver proofs. Dealer bid is about $250. Priced at $225.


3. Set of Ikes in Harco album. A nice set of BU and proofs--31 coins. Dealer bid is $185. Priced at $175.


4. Set of Lincolns in Whiman album. 1975 to 2000. All Unc and includes proofs from 1975-2000. $48


5. Set of Kennedy halves in Harco album. All BU and proof. 1964-1981-S, 1982-S, 1983-S, 1984-1995-S, and 1996-S. Missing 1978-S. 80 different coins. Selling way too cheap at $275.


6. Set of Kennedy Halves in Dansco Album 1964-2005D. All coins are AU/BU. No proof. 76 different coins. $95.


7. Set of Kennedy Halves in Dansco Album 1964-2002D. All coins AU/BU. No proof. 70 different coins. $90.


8. Set of Susan B Anthony in Dansco Album. 18 coins BU and proof, including 1979 near and far date and 1981-S Ty 2. Dealer bid is $265. A steal at $225


9. Set of Jefferson Nickels in Harco album. All BU and proof, save maybe 1 or 2 that may be AU. The 1957 is a proof. Dates are from 1938-1981-S missing the 78-S proof, 82-S and 83-S proofs are included, and 1984-1995-S, and 1996-S. 151 different dates. Dealer bid is about $305. This is a very good looking set sold at $275.


10. Set of Kennedy Halves in Dansco album. All BU and proof. 1964-1996-S and 1997-S. 93 different coins. Bid is about $271, priced to move at $250.


11. Set of Ikes in Dansco album. 32 coins all BU and proof. Also included is a gold plated 1981-P Kennedy Half. Dealer Bid is $185. Asking $170.


12. Set of Ikes in Dansco Album. 32 coins all BU and Proof. Included is the invoice showing that the set was purchased on Ebay for $241.50 anout 1 year ago. Poor guy. This is a very nice set however and will be priced at dealer bid of $185 or over 23% below the Ebay auction sales price.


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