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Segregating the 20th and 21th Century Type Sets!

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If I'm understanding this correctly, then my 2005 Lincoln Cent won't go into the 20th Century category? JFK? Roosevelt?


So I need to buy a 1999 coin, which is the SAME TYPE, to fill this 20th Century slot?



I'm sorry, this is a stupid move - the purpose of a TYPE set, is to own one of each TYPE for a series that was made during that century. :screwy:




Will NGC be refining the 20th Century Type set further to account for this "separation"? (Segregation?)


Will NGC be disallowing Pre-1900 Bronze Indians Cents in the 20th Century Type?


How about Pre-1900 V-Nickels with Cents? 1899 Barber Coins? Limiting to 1900 and Later Morgans? How about the Liberty Head Golds?





If you're going to require that I buy two modern coins that I don't really want, you may as well force me to buy two expensive $20 Libs that I would rather have.



I can say with _certainty_ that I won't be sending any more moderns in for slabs. The revenue generated for TPGs is influencing them to nickel and dime collectors into populating their sets with pocket change while their banks get fatter holdering $5 coins for $16 apiece.



This segregation decision is a departure from the *definition* of TYPE SET, and it goes against everything collector's have been taught since the inception of Type Collecting.


Had it been announced in Y2K, I _might_ have been a little more receptive - but seven years after the switch is not the time to force-feed a registry policy down people's throats, especially when it requires them to buy two different examples of the SAME TYPE to fill their sets.




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You're correct Dwaine, and I am aware of it (and use it).


The point here is that pre-1900 coins of the same type are allowed in 20th Century Type sets, whereas post 1999 coins are not allowed. Why? What purpose does this serve?


If the type was manufactured in the 20th century, then that type should be allowed, regardless of date.



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If 19th century coins are allowed in the 20th century type set then, of course a 2005 cent should be allowed. It should be consistent--period. Any other approach is completely asinine which is sometimes synonymous with administrative decisions.

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