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Registry sets

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I was reading about How to start a registry set over at the PGCS site. A lot of you peeps talk about Registry Sets so I thought I should familiarize myself. After reading the description I'm still not exactly sure what is a registry set.


Are there categories that you try and collect the best coins to fill in the blanks? Do you tell PCGS the coins you want to register and they will keep track how well you are filling in?

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Registry sets mean different things to different people. But essentially you register coins you own by the serial number with them and they assign each coin you register a score. Each set is the basically the sum of the score you have and participants are ranked by their score.


On PCGS, it's a bit easier to register. You just put in the PCGS slab serial number and it'll add the coin to the set you indicate. With NGC's it can take anywhere from 1-3 days depending. PCGS's registry only accepts PCGS coins (although they talked about a scheme to allow for NGC ones) and NGC's registry accepts both NGC and PCGS coins. The scoring system is different for each registry, too.

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I like a Registry set because to me, its like having a online coin album... One where I can see what needs I have, fill in the slots as we did in our Whitmans, and I can keep track of the coins in any given series that I own better...


Also, it is a record for slab numbers... you never know if your coins get stolen and atleast you will have the cert numbers to post on these boards for people to watch out for....

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sleeping.gif27_laughing.gif Can't think of any worthwhile reason why anyone would want to spend the extra hundreds and hundreds of dollars to be in a registry contest.


Here's a far less expensive way to share your collection. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Post it! makepoint.gif


Hi everyone

I thought I'd share my FS Jefferson collection.


1938 Anacs 65 5.00 Steps Br6 Light gold toning. MS65 5 steps.

1938-D Anacs 67 f8 5.00 Steps Br6 EDS. MS64 5 steps.

1938-S Anacs 65 5.50* Steps Br6 This coin is deeply struck and is toned in an array of

colors, EDS. It's now a PCGS MS65FS. Anacs 66 and 65 5.00 Steps.

1939 Anacs 66 f8 5.25 Br8 Type 1 Rev. of 38 [wavy steps] EDS

1939-D MS 65 5.25 Steps PAK count. Type 1. Pcgs MS66 4.75 steps T1, Beautifully toned.

1939-S Anacs 65 5.75 steps Br8 Type 1 Stunning luster and strike.

Anacs 65 5.50* Steps Br6 Type 1, Gold & rainbow peripheral T, Minor carbon spotting.

1939 Anacs 67 5.00 Steps Br8 Stunning luster, T2, POP 2/0. 4 MS64 to 66 FS.

1939-D Anacs 66 5.50 Steps Br6 Type 2.

1939-S Anacs 66 5.9 Steps Br7 Type 2. Just misses 6 steps

1940 Anacs 66 5.00 Steps Beautifully toned. MS65 6.00 Br6

1940-D Anacs 67 f8 6.00 Steps Br7. Anacs 67 5.75 Steps Br7. Anacs 66 6.00. MS 65 5.75.

1940-D Anacs 65 6 Steps Awesome toning. 1940-D Anacs 65 6 steps PL

1940-S Anacs 65 6.00 Steps Br5 Light gold. 2-Anacs 65 5.00 and 5.5 steps.

1941 Anacs 66 f8 6.00 Steps Br6 EDS. 2- MS 65 5.00

1941-D Anacs 67 6.00 Steps Br7 Deep red russet tone. 3 MS66-67 5-6 steppers.

1941-S Pcgs 65 5.00 Steps Br7 PL*. MS 65+ 5.75 Steps Br6, Just misses 6 steps.

1942 MS65 f7 5.25 Steps.

1942-D Anacs 67 f8/str 6.00 Steps Br5, Deep russet tone, EDS POP. 3/0.

Anacs 65 5.9 steps. MS 67 5.50 steps. MS 65+ 6.00.

1942-P Anacs 66 f8/str 5.25 Br8, now a PCGS MS66FS. Anacs 66 f7/str 5.00 Br7.

1942-S Anacs 66 f8 6.00 Steps Br7, Touch of blue toning, EDS, POP. 3/0.

1943-P Anacs 67 5.75 Steps Br8, now a PCGS MS67FS

1943-P Anacs 67 5.50 DDO FS-029 Die 6 DOUBLE EYE variety.

1943/2-P PCGS 66 f8/str 5.75* Br7 EDS rev. old green slab.

1943-D Anacs 67 5.25 Steps Br7. 2- MS 65 5.75. MS 65 6.00.

1943-S Anacs 66 5.5 Steps Br7, now a PCGS MS67FS. Anacs 67 f8 5.25 EDS Br8 Stunning luster and strike.

Anacs 67 5.25 Steps Br7. 2-MS 65 5.00.

1944-P Anacs 67 f7 5.5 Steps Touch of yellow gold toning. Anacs 65 5.25 Steps Br7.

1944-D PCGS 67 f8 6.00* Steps Br7 Yellow Gold toning. Anacs 67 5.5 Steps D/D* Br6.

Anacs 66 5.5 Steps D/D Br7 Lt Gold. Anacs 65 5 Steps D/D RPM-6. Anacs 64 6 steps

1944-S Anacs 66 5.50 Steps Br7, now a PCGS MS66FS. Anacs 65 5.50 Lam.

1945-P Anacs 66 5.25 Steps Br7. 2- MS 65 5.25 One is P/P.

1945-D Anacs 67 5.75 Steps Br7. Anacs 66 5.50 Steps.

Anacs 66 5.00. Anacs 65 5 Steps Br6 D/D RPM-32.

1945-S Anacs 67 5.25 Steps Br7, MS 4/5 5.75 Steps Br7 Close to 6 steps.

1946 Anacs 65 6.00* Steps Br7 Obv. PL, Gold rev. toning.

1946-D Anacs 65 6.00 Steps Br6 Gold toning. Anacs 67 f6 5.5.

1946-S Anacs 66 5.25 Steps Br6 Silver toning. Anacs 65 5 Steps PL*

1947 Anacs 66 5.00 Br6 Rainbow toning. Anacs 65 5.00.

1947-D Anacs 65 6.00 Br6 Rainbow toning, 1/0. Anacs 66 5.9 Br6 Rainbow toning.

Anacs 66 5.00 Br6 Neon red, blue, green, orange, pink.

1947-S Anacs 66 6.00 Br6 Rainbow toning 2/0 EDS. Anacs 66 5.5 EDS.

1948 MS 65 f7 5.25 Br6 Light gold toning.

1948-D Anacs 66 5.75 Br6 Bull’s eye toning, now a PCGS MS66FS

1948-S Anacs 66 f7 5.00 Steps Fully strucked, lt gold Toning. MS66...Lustrous.

1949 MS65 5.00b, MS64 f6 5.00b Br5 Gold toning. MS64 6.00 steps Off-centered 25%.

1949-D Anacs 67 f6/m5 5.25 Br6 Gold toning. Anacs 66 5.00*.

1949-S Anacs 65 f7 5.50 Br7, now a PCGS MS65FS

1950 Anacs 66 5.25* Br6 Lt. gold tone, Prooflike.

1950-D Anacs 66 6.00 2/0, Anacs 67 5.25 3/0, Anacs 66, 2- A65 5. 3 MS65 5.00.

1951 Anacs 65 5.00 Br5 Deep gold toning, Strong strike. Lot of 6th step.

MS 4/5 5.00 Br7 EDS.

1951-D Anacs 66 f7/6 5.50 Br6 Light gold.

1951-S Anacs 65 PL f8 5.00 Br8 EDS POP. 1/1

1952 MS64 m5 5.25 Br6 Light gold toning.

1952-D Anacs 66 f8 5.00 Br6 Gold toning EDS.

1952-S Anacs 66 5.00, Anacs 65 5.00 Br6 Light silver toning.

1953 Anacs 65 5.00 Br5 Blue to gold centers.

1953-D PCGS 65 5.00 steps.

1953-S Anacs 65 5.00 Br7 Fully strucked, EDS.

1954 MS 4/5 f7 5.00 Br7 Light silver tone.

1954-D Another tough date to find in gem condition.

1954-S Anacs 64 m5/f7 5.00 Br6 Gold toning.

1954-S Anacs 64 m5/f7 5.00 Br7 Light gold toning.

1954-S/D Anacs 65 FS-033 OMM-1 Br6 Lt Gold.

1955 Anacs 65 5.00.

1955-D MS65 Brilliant, strong strike, near 5 steps 4 c.s. Best 55-D I’ve seen.

1955-D/S Anacs 66, Anacs 65.

1956 MS 64 5.50 Br5 Blue and green toning.

1956-D Anacs 64 f7 5.00 Steps. M65 5 steps.

1957 Anacs 66 PL 5.25 Br9 Light gold toning.

1957-D Anacs 65 5.5 Steps Close to 6 steps. Pcgs 65 5.00. MS64 5.00 Br6 Light gold toning.

1958 Anacs 64 f6 5.00 Gold toning.

1958-D Anacs 65 6.00 steps. MS 65 5.75 Br6 Light blue/green toning.

Anacs 65 5.5 Steps DBL Die Rev.

1959 Anacs 66 5.25 Br7 PL*. Anacs 65 5.00 PL. PCGS 65 6.00*. MS65 5.00 Bulls-eye toning.

1959-D Anacs 65 5.00 Br7.

1960 Anacs 65 5.00 Br6 Light blue and green toning, EDS.

1960-D Anacs 64 w1/m5 4.75 Br6 Slightly flat cheek.

1961 MS 4/5 5.00 Br6 Light gold toning.

1961-D MS 65 4.75 Br6 Pheripheral toning, EDS.

1962 Anacs 65 5.00 Br7. Anacs 65 5 Steps Semi PL

1962-D MS64 5.00n Br6 gold toning.

1963 Anacs 65 f7/6 5.00 Br6 Light tone. *Anacs 65 5.00.

1963-D PCGS 65 5.00* steps. Hit on cheek, grades MS64.

1964 MS65 5.00. Sold.

1964-D Anacs 64 5.00 Br7. Anacs 64 PL 4.50 Br9 Frosted.

1965 Anacs 66 m5 Box 5.00 Br5 Rainbow toning. MS 65 m6 Box 5.00 Br6. PCGS 65 5.00*.

1966 Anacs 64 f6/m5 Box 5.00 Br7 Light gold toning.


1968-D Anacs 64 5.00 Br7 Very light gold toning.

1968-S PCGS 65 5.25 steps*

1969-D MS66 4.50 st 3 cs. PL Extra thick planchet, Sold $56. Wish I hadn't!

1969-S MS66 f7 3+ steps Br7 Very nice.

1970-D MS65 5.00 Br7.

1970-S PCGS 65 5.00* Br7.

1971 MS65+ 6.00

1971-D MS65 5.75*

1972 MS65 5.25*

1972-D MS64 5.25*

1973 MS65 6.00* Anacs 65 5.75 steps PL rev.

1973-D Anacs 66 5.25

1973-D MS65+ 5.25**

1974 MS65 5.00

1974-D MS67 5.25

1975 MS66 5.00. Anacs 65 5.25 steps

1975-D MS64 5.75

1976 Anacs 65 5.00

1976-D Anacs 65 5.50. Anacs 64 6 Steps

1977 Anacs 65 5.25

1977-D Anacs 65 5.25 steps. MS 3/5 5.75

1978 MS 4/5 5.00

1978-D MS 65 5.50**

1979 MS 65 5.00

1979-D MS65 5.25

1980-P Anacs 65 5.00

1980-D MS 65 5.25

1981-P Anacs 66 5.00

1981-D MS 65 5.00**

1982-P A65 Bm 2811

1982-D A65 Bm 2814

1982-D A65 Bm 2816

1982-D A65 Bm 2817

1983-P A65 5.50*

1983-D A66 5.25

1984-P A66 6.00. A65 6.00. Anacs 65 5.50 steps PL rev

1984-D MS65 5.25** Anacs 65 5.25 Steps PLrev

1985-P MS65 5.00**

1985-D MS 65 5.25. Anacs 65 5.50 Steps PL*

1986-P Anacs 65 5.00

1986-D MS 65 5.25**

1987-P MS 65 6.00**

SEGS66 6.00 PL*

1987-D MS65 6.00**

1988-P MS65 6.00**

1988-D MS65 6.00**

1989-P A65 PL 6.00

1989-D MS 65 6.00

1990-P MS 65 6.00**

1990-D MS 65 6.00

1991-P A65 6.00**


1992-P MS65 6.00

1992-D Anacs 66 6.00

1993-P MS65 6.00

1993-D Anacs 65 6.00**

1994-P MS4/5 6.00

1994-P A63 Broadstruck

1994-D MS 65 6.00**

1995-P A65 Broadstruck

1995-D MS65 6.00

1996-P MS 65 6.00

1996-D A67 6.00. MS 67 6.00 PL

1997-P MS65 6.00**

1997-D MS66 6.00**

1998-P A65 6.00

1998-D MS65 6.00

1999-P A64 Broadstruck. A66 Partial Collar

1999-D Anacs 65 6 steps PL


2000-D Anacs 65 6.00



2002-P 65, 66 6s PL

2002-D Anacs 65 6 steps PL*

2003-P MS67 6 steps

2003-D MS65 6 steps



1938 MS66 5.50 Light frost.

1938 MS66 6.00 Lt. frost Extra thick planchet.

1939 P66 Frosted Obv. Rev. 1938

1939 PCGS PR66 Mod. frost Rev. 1940

1940 Rev. 1938

1940 PCGS 65 Lt Frost

1941 PCGS 67 Lt Frost

1942 P66 Mod. Frost. P66 Lt Frost, P67 Light, sold.

1942-P MS66 Frosted.

1942-P Anacs65 Frosted

1950 Anacs 66 Cameo

1950 N67 Cameo*


1952 P66 Cameo

1953 A66 Cameo

1954 P67 Cameo


1956 P67 Cameo

1957 P67 Cameo

1958 N67 Cameo

1959 A67 Cam Rainbow toning.

1960 MS65 Cameo


1962 N68 Ultra Cameo

1963 N68 Cameo

1964 P68 Cameo. P67DC


1966 A67 Cameo 5 steps

1967 A65 Heavy Cam 5 steps*

1968 S P68 Deep Cameo

1969 S MS67 Deep Cameo

1970 S MS65 Blue Cameo

1971 S N68 UCam

1972 S P68 Deep Cameo

1973 S MS67 Deep Cameo

1974 S MS65 Blue Cameo

1975 S on up 2001-S are Pf67

or higher in Deep cameo. A few

have rainbow to gold toning.

1994-P Specimen Anacs69

1997-P Specimen MS69**


End of collection.

(*) not on holder. 1971 to date stands for multiples of that date.

(Br) followed by number measures Brilliant and luster in 1 to10 range. Where omitted, it's a f/7.

(f/7) Strike range 1 to 10

(n) nick (b) bridge in steps.


Thanks for looking.


But then again, the numbers really don't seem to do the trick either as grading is too ambiguous.

But if you're a wizard at taking excellent pictures of your coins, only then you might be a smash hit!




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Hey King. I really liked your pictures.


By the way. How do Registry people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars extra just to be in the registries ?


Basically I think some of you people are just cynical old goats that have no idea why people get into the registries. Man if you don't like the registries why don't you just ignore them.


Do registry people go around saying they dislike raw coin collectors ? I do not think so.


Not to just pick on you but this type of post you and others make just plain gets F*^%@#$ Old.



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Hey King. I really liked your pictures.


By the way. How do Registry people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars extra just to be in the registries ?


Basically I think some of you people are just cynical old goats that have no idea why people get into the registries. Man if you don't like the registries why don't you just ignore them.


Do registry people go around saying they dislike raw coin collectors ? I do not think so.


Not to just pick on you but this type of post you and others make just plain gets F*^%@#$ Old.




Hi Ken

Besides meeting other coin collectors and sharing their interest in coin collecting what were your reasons for posting your coins in the registry forum?



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Each company has created various slots and then you have to fill them. They don't have a feature where you can customize your own set. Which, of course, I think is a fabulous idea. I also wondered why they don't just have a place where you enter coins and then see automatically all the possible sets it can compete in. NGC's sort of has a similar feature to what I'm mentioning but it is not as smoothly designed as I'd like to have it.

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I will admit when the coins were put in the NGC Registry it was to see the set in the #1 position. Thats because it was the first set registered and the only set registered for about 4 or 5 months. Outside of that I guess there was no real reason except to see how it compared to other sets as I built it. Finally a camera was bought and pictures were taken of the coins so the intention was to let others enjoy the coins if desired.


Certainly it was not to compete for a #1 ranking as I have neither the funds or the desire to just buy coins that are not liked. A few were bought that were not liked and I admit that but later on they were sold and new coins were bought to replace them. Heck even some at lower grades. A couple of years ago when PCGS came out with thier award thing a couple of guys pushed me to go after the award. I just could not do that by adding coins just for the heck of it.


I understand why some people look down on the Registries because some people just buy to compete or so it seems. I think if contact was made with some of the collectors people would find out that they really are seeking the Best Examples they can find or afford. Quality is the issue and not the points. The points just happen to come along for the ride.


Case in point may be the Roosie portion of the registry. Three or four guys there, and they have high ranking sets, seek the best possible coins period. To some it just may appear they are number chasers but this is not the case. Again a couple of these folks have replaced higher graded coins with lower graded coins because they liked the look better. If they were number chasers this never would have happened.


By far the best thing that has come from my entry into the registry is the people that I have come into contact with the same collecting desire. Without the registry I seriously doubt if these contacts would have ever happened. I just could not drive around the country with a sign plastered on the car saying I am a Merc Dime Collector could I and hope to meet other collectors of the series.


Anyway sorry to get a little harsh but reading the same thing day in and day out both here and across the street about registry collectors gets old. Maybe if the posts were started with "Registry Points" collectors instead of the general "Registry" collectors I could handle the flak with a grain of salt.



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Having a registry set and collecting coins are not mutually exclusive exercises in collecting. I purchase maybe two or three coins a year for my registry sets and dozens of others for the pure enjoyment of collecting.


It is always dangerous to generalize about registry collectors. I have met several and some of them are the best pure collectors I have met in this hobby. This is a subject best painted with a narrow brush, not a broad one. Ken is one of the most avid collectors I have seen post to these boards.

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Irish Mike, that's an astute comment. It's OKAY by me. I just don't understand it. In my heyday, ......secrecy.........accompanied coins just as a security measure. I'm not convinced that privacy exists to any degree in the cyber community and if a registry collector bought a coin, he is now known by SOME address. And it's a small step from what can be learned to even MORE information.


As to recording slab numbers, grades, etc. I made a database that can sort by almost any criteria and that serves me just fine in case of theft, tracking, or whatnot. And I keep images of the coins also and it's all on a private disk.


But that's me. If registry gives you your fun in collecting, go for it.


I just don't understand it.



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I give up! I wrote two responses today and both got deleted. The first by my daughter and the second when I had hit the continue button and I wasn't logged in.

I may try again tomorrow. 893frustrated.gif



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I think that the registries can be good for beginning collectors if the collectors who post coins include pictures with them. It is also good if collectors take to time to write a commenary. I've done that with my sets, and I've had few people thank me via email for doing it. Seeing coins in person is best, but if you can't do that pictures can be worthwhile too.


I find registered sets that just have the coin and the grade to be pretty boring.

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