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Two headed Kennedy 1/2

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I bought some coins from unclaimed property, which states

sell things from safty deposit boxes.

I found a two headed 1964 Kennedy silver.

Checking around the edge there is no division, so it was never cut and


My question is how would this happen?


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It is almost certainly not a legitimate mint error, even if it appears that way to you. I say that based upon having heard hundreds, if not thousands of similar reports which did not pan out over the years. Can you post images, including the edge?

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It doesn't! It may be just a very good job so you might need to use a microscope to inspect it. Given the advances in laser technology, it is not inconceivable for the two, mated coins to be cut to extremely high tolerances. It is my understanding that two obverse dies (or two reverse dies) cannot be paired together because one will not fit into the mount that is made for the other. I know I'm not using the correct terminology, but that is the gist of it.



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