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help help!! needd answer to a question from a new collector

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some kid asked me at the junior coin club meeting today on a modern commem


the congress silver dollar there is a lady on it which sits on the top of the capital building


there is like clouds and spikes behind her??


what are these smoke clouds? and these points and spikes that are behind here?

i cant answer as i know nothing about modern coins


usually i can answer anything in coins not this question


can anyone give me an answer so i can tell this kid as he wants to buy this coin and wahts to know waht this means?


thanks michael

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The clouds are just that... clouds in the sky behind the statue. The rays are from the sun which is behind the cloud.


At least that's how I interpret the piece. They aren't part of the actual statue, just an added artistic effect by the coin's designer.

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I'm not certain what the Mint's intent was with this piece, however, according to the convention of heraldry, the sunbeams or rays are known as a glory and this is a circle of rays or emanation of light and is symbolic of Providence. The clouds are referred to in the singular as cloud according to the same convention and are often used in conjunction with a glory.

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thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hi.gifflowerred.gifhi.gifflowerred.gifhi.gifflowerred.gifhi.gifflowerred.gifhi.gifflowerred.gif


i knew here i would get the right answers!!!!!! and quick i mean without these forums where would i get this information??






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