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What do you think of the tone on these two dollars?

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Here are a couple of coins that I would like opinions on. The first is a Peace Dollar that looks like a natural gray you would expect for a circulated coin. But when rotated in the light it displays a very light irridescent tone to it. I would also like grade opinions on this one.


This one shows pretty much a gray coin.



This one shows the color starting to show.



And here's one with more direct light that shows more color than you normall see in hand.



The second is a Morgan with unusual tone. What would cause a coin to tone like this?




Here's a close-up to show the color a bit better.


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I have no doubt that the toning on the coins as imaged is entirely natural. The Morgan dollar looks exactly like countless similarly toned dollars that I've seen stored in Kraft envelopes, though I'm sure any environment of similar composition would cause the same colors. The Peace dollars look like they've been exposed to sulfuric content as is found in innumerable environments. Old cardboard albums could definitely cause such toning, but storage simply in paper rolls could also do so.


I would guess EF-40+ and AU-50.

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I like the Peace, would grade it EF-45 (I don't really know the series, that was just my first impression.) The morgan is interesting, I haven't made up my mind about it, although I am leaning towards "I like it".

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There are far fewer people here that have an opinion about toned coins than I thought. I suppose like coins, quality is better than qunatity. Thanks for the opinions given.


The Peace Dollar is in an old green PCI holder graded EF40. I see no signs of cleaning and the surfaces look original and unstripped. I don't believe the coin has been messed with but the tone seemed unusual to me. As for the grade, after looking at many circulated Peace Dollars in the Heratige archives, this coin looks better than most XF45s and as good as most AU50s. It has a decent amount of luster left.


I bought the Morgan dollar in this holder.




I cracked it out and sent it to ANACS to get the VAM attribution. It never crossed my mind that it would return in this holder.




The luster is good but muted by the thick tone. The grade is hard to determine under the tone also. I didn't bother asking anyone to guess a grade from photos on this one. It does look like it wouldn't be out of place in an MS65 holder though.


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Yep, that doesn't surprise me that the Morgan got body-bagged for AT. Coin doctors get uglier and worse coins into holders all the time, but try and submit a naturally Kraft-envelope toned coin, and * wham-o *, you get hammered for "AT". Yet another reason I rarely submit coins.


Randy, thanks for sharing this experience.

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