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Let's Talk Canadian

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For as long as I can remember, getting a Canadian coin (or any foreign coin) in change has been pretty exciting.


Over the past few weeks I have been going over all the coins I have. I searched for a few sites to get a little bit of history and value but haven't found anything I could really sink my teeth into.


Anyone have information on what coins I should be on the look out for? How about the years they minted silver coins? Die Varieties? Good Websites?


Although I have a bunch I like, I have a nice cameo Half from 1963 and a nice clean Dollar from 1963 as well. I noticed that some coins appear to be Cameo, are there dates prior to 1963 that they minted cameo coins? I know, pretty elementary.




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Here's a decent sight for looking up prices (in CAD$). It has prices for up to 2002.

Prior to 1920 they used .925 silver. From 1920 to 1966 they were .800 silver. In 1967 there were both .800 and .500 silver 10 and 25 cents, but 50 cents and dollars were all .800. In 1968 there were both .500 silver and 1.00 nickel 10 and 25 cents and the 50 cents and dollars were nickel.

There's not a lot in the way of die varieties (doubled dies, etc.) to be found. There are a few design varieties that are probably mentioned in the site above.

Cameos are most common in the Prooflike (PL) sets from the 50s on. Those were the RCM's version of the circulating mint set, but they were made to higher standards than the circulation strikes. Generally a PL65 will be worth less than a true MS65. The newer RCM mint sets have gone down in quality, though, so the PL designation may no longer apply.

You can find some cameos on circulation strikes also. All the ones I've found so far have been from the 60s. I got a few of these one sided cameos from a bullion roll. smile.gif



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Sorry, It's been a busy few days and I have't had the chance to respond. Thanks for the Book and Website information, I will most likely check both of them out this weekend. I've been saving them but haven't bothered to research them. I think it's about time!



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