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Years where different coins exist in same denomination?

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A post in a different thread complained about the Sacagawea dollar coin continuing to be made during the same time frame as the presidential dollars. That is, in 2007 (and apparently for years to come), we have two totally different dollar coins at the same time. I would distinguish this case from the state quarters, because there only the reverse varies. This made me wonder, when else has this happened? Help me complete the list (bonus points for those who post great photos of the overlapping coins):


Remember...BOTH sides of the coin have to be different.


1793 Chain, Wreath, and Liberty Cap Large Cents (though the difference between Chain and Wreath obverse is not as great as this question really calls for)

1909 Indian Head and Lincoln Cents

1865-1873 Silver and Nickel 3 cent pieces

1883 Shield and Liberty Head Nickels

1913 Liberty Head and Buffalo Nickels (If anyone posts a 1913 Liberty they own, I'll faint.)

1938 Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels

1837 Capped Bust and Liberty Seated Half Dimes

1853 (I don't think the arrows around dates of various denoms are different enough to qualify, but maybe, feel free to argue this point)

1837 Capped Bust and Liberty Seated Dimes

1916 Barber and Mercury Dimes

1838 Capped Bust and Liberty Seated Quarters

1916 Barber and Standing Liberty Quarters

1807 Draped and Capped Bust Half Dollars

1836 Capped Bust and Capped Bust, Reeded Edge Half Dollars (these are close, but...)

1839 Capped Bust, Reeded Edge and Liberty Seated Half Dollars

1795 Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Dollars (reverse is close but differs)

1873 Liberty Seated and Trade Dollars

1878-1885 Trade and Morgan Dollars (though only 1878 overlapped in any significant #s)

1921 Morgan and Peace Dollars

2007-???? Sacagawea and Presidential Dollars

1854 Liberty Head and Indian Princess (Small) Head Gold Dollars

1834 Capped Head to Left and Classic Head Quarter Eagles

1807 Capped Bust (Heraldic Eagle) and Capped Bust (to Left) Half Eagles

1834 Capped Head to Left and Classic Head Half Eagles

1908 Liberty Head and Indian Head Half Eagles

1907 Liberty Head and Indian Head Eagles

1907 Liberty Head and Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles


So, while it usually only happens for a single transition year, these sorts of overlaps within the same denomination appear quite commonly. Please add examples overlooked and post photos of your pairs of coins from the same year!

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