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There's something bigger here then anyone can imagine!

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Hi everyone

Before I start I want to admit that I'm having another brainstorm. For those who are unfamiliar with me, I have alot of brainstorms. 27_laughing.gif What else can one do with ideas other then to share them. So here it goes! I personally don't like the idea that Jadecoins is out some $1500. So before I ask everyone to send $5 to $15 their way to help with their loss and by the way, Jadecoin's address is posted on their website! I would like to believe something great can happen through this endeaver. We already know the money could be used to help support Jadecoin's cause to display the unpredigreed Norweb Hibernia. Maybe it's possible that the money sent could also be used as dues, to begin a new astablishment or membership to form a club or organization.

The function of this arrangement could be anything that would help serve the purpose of informing the collector on the ins and outs to collecting coins or whatever opinion, formed by the members who would like to bring about a change in our numismatic hobby. A society that can make a change to problems that already exist in our hobby.

Just making a commitment of interest before sending dues will determine the importance of this idea or any other ideas that could form a direction for this new club.

And I don't care if some of you would like to joke about this idea. I welcome it! There's nothing wrong with having fun or making fun at something that could lead to great things to come.

And don't look to me to be some kind of leader. There are far more intelligent people here then myself who can master the wizardry of thoughts and words in taking the helm of leadership if it happens.

Discuss it, share ideas, agree or disagree but somehow, we can all come to a decision whether the possibilities exist for such an organization. For whatever the direction that might be.

Well, I've stuck my neck out here! Does anyone else have something to add?


Regards, Leo

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Wow! Today was the day I had my bone under the gums filed to fit for dentures and when I finally got back to the US coin forum, I couldn't find this thread that I started.

Instantly I thought it got yanked and I was banned! 27_laughing.gif The anathesia they gave me put me in a dreamy state of mind while they worked on me and I got to say, that was one fantastic dream. While I came out of it, I told (actually wrote it down because I had a mouth full of gauze) the doctor about the fantastic job he did on me and that I was going to get him two front row seat tickets to a Neil Diamond concert. 27_laughing.gif Now that I think about it, I hope he didn't take me serious. 27_laughing.gif But I must say that was quite an experience.


Getting back to the topic in general, I am surprised to see those who are most vocal concerning many problems that are discussed here daily are actually neutral on what I trying to propose here for the benefit of all collectors. Call it uniting to having one voice or a buyer's beware club, whatever it may be? Can anyone give an example of something that they would like to see a change in? Together, we just might be able to make that change.


Leo 893blahblah.gif


And Braddick, before you say, "give it up" would you like to make a suggestion? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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