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Newfoundland coins anyone know about them ?

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Hi all


just picked up this 1881 20 Cent coin on ebay and was wondering if anyone out there would like to hazzard a gess as to the grade it may make.


I have looked at the NGC web site and found out that only two have ever been graded before one at F and one at XF-40

do you know how many PCGS have graded..


The information i have re this coin is from the 1966 Standard catalogue of Canadian coins and Tokens By J.E.Charlton


G. Braid around ear worn through

V.G. No details in braid around the ear

Fine. Segments of braid begin to merge into one another.

V.F. Braid is clear but not sharp.

E.F Braid is Slightly worn but generally sharp and clear

UNC No information


60,000 minted


Prices in 1966

G. $2.00

V.G. $3.00

F. $4.00

V.F. $8.00

E.F. $25.00

UNC. $100.00


Has any on got any more up to date Gradings and/or More up to date values


Sellers images!



thanks dooly



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Nice one, I don't know about the PCGS population but by the images and your descriptions of the grades I would say definitely VF and perhaps up to EF, I would assume it will depend a lot on the particular characteristics of this coin.


I like it, good look to it.



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Here are more recent values as of 2006,


G-4 - $20

VG-8 - $30

F-12 - $40

VF-20 - $135

EF-40 - $425

AU 50 - $1,000

MS 60 - $2500

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Cheers Rey ..

thanks for the new priced


think i did ok with it then


Wow MS-60's must be hard to find


think i will have it conserved and slabbed then :applause:

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Upadate to the current values of this coin from the First Edition of the new Worldwide Coins Magazine from Coin World.


VG-8 $10

F 12 $30

VF 20 $90

EF 40 $300

MS 60 $1400



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