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GW Presidential Dollar proof errors

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About two months ago I ordered 3 presidential $1 proof sets from the US Mint, but didn't think to examine them until I saw reports of proof errors. Eyeballing them, I noticed something on the reverse edge of all 3 GW dollars in the same spot. Under a 30X scope it's clear that the edge is finned for about 1/8 the circumference, centered over the second S in States. The fin decreases to a wire rim running about 2/3 around the rim. There is no decentering. Furthermore, on the raised edge field inside the finned rim, there are dark sunken spots as though the surface were crumpled downward. The surfaces of these "holes" have the matte finish from the die surface so this occurred after the reverse surface was struck. With one minor exception, nothing shows on the opposite (obverse) rim in this spot.


I've read that the edge lettering on the proof versions is impressed using three segmented edge dies so that the lettering on all proof versions is aligned the same. Given that all 3 errors occur at the same site, I suspect that this occurred at a joint between two of the edge lettering dies.


As if this oddity (3 sets ordered at once, all with the same type of error on the same spot on the same coin) weren't enough, I ordered 3 more to serve as my "normal" collection set... and all 3 of these had the same error! It was not as pronounced because there was no finning, just a wire rim, and no deep sunken holes, just a slight longitudinal concavity running along the rim. It was definitely caused by the same mechnical problem because there is a characteristic outward-facing shallow "v" in the finned rim (as viewed from above) on all six coins in the same spot above the S.


If I've figured out the not-quite-intuitive method for attaching a photo here, you'll see what I mean. The white arrows show the edge fin, the red ones point to some of the sunken areas.


Given 6 specimens, it does seem that I've spotted an error variety, but I have no idea of how prevalent it is, how I might get it documented, or what these might be worth. (NGC apparently doesn't grade proof error varieties.) Any and all information is welcome.




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Thanks, CONECA looks promising, will check it out. There's what appears to be an identifiable die variety on one of the other dollars - some tool marks on the top of a letter - that aren't on my second batch. That's probably of interest only to CONECA types so that gives me an avenue to pursue that finding as well.


I just subscribed to Coin World, I'll look at that option, too.



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