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I need help attributing this 1830 capped bust half-dollar

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Terrible images, I know (sorry). But I just can't get this one attributed. Any help?





This is an auction lot I am describing for Scotsman Auction Company. It is not for sale.

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The problem with the images is the glow. The coin's glow interfers with finding the identifing diagnostics. Sort of like driving down the road and trying to read the road signs with the sun glaring in your eyes. (There is a reason why stop signs are red. You don't have to be able to read them to know what they say.)


This ain't an easy one to attribute. ...but I am pretty sure you have the 1830 O-115, R2, but you are going to have to have the coin in your hand to verify it. When the milling is not present - as in this case - I look for many different things beyond what is listed in the Overton/Parsley book. Take out your loupe, hold it over the O/P book plate coins and compare the subject coin to the plate coins. Look at:


(1) The relationship of the tip of the olive branch to the C of 50 C. below it.

(2) The right edge of the scroll to the AM above it.

(3) The left edge of the scroll to the D S above. ...and while you are there check out the D to E relationship. That is, the "D" of UNITED with the "E" of E PLURIBUS.

(4) On the subject coin you can see part of the dentils at stars 10, 11, & 12. Compare the outer point of each of these stars with the dentils on both the subject coin and the plate coins.

(5) Compare the shape, appearance, location, height, etc. of 1830 and 50 C. with the devices above them on both the subject coin and the plate coins.


If this is for Scotsman, I assume you have Peterson's "Ultimate Guide to Attributing Bust Half Dollars." Check out in this book:


(1) Photo # 509 talking about the tip of the tail feather through the olive stem. (Your coin's glow prevents me from verifying this.)

(2) Photo #510 showing the die lines around the tip of the bust that are on Early Die States of the O-115. (Again, I am blinded by the glow of the subject coin.)


Next check out the BHNC published Errata for this coin. You will read here that SOME O-115's have a die chip in the upper loop of the 3. I cannot (from the glow) tell if its on your coin.


I am 99+% sure it is the O-115. But because this attribution is for a fourth party (the buyer in the Scotsman auction), please make sure that I am correct.


I have had two dealings with Scotsman. One was very, very positive. ...and the other, well, let's just say, it was the opposite of positive.


Please make sure the attribution is correct because you do not want to give a person with an unforgiving personality like mine another excuse never to forgive. (Any more on this subject should be by private e-mail.)


Let me know your findings.




Ed R.

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