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is the market as hot as some say it is?????

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seems to me that the market is just soso


not hot or cold yes there are some types of coins that are very liquid in this market


but for the most part the big ana summer show it seems there was more dealer to dealer and wholesale activity


then what really makes a strong bull market strong retail sales overall for most all!! which i do not think happened also the buyback percentage has not changed as per the heritage auctions it has basically been about the same or greater than in 1998!!


what are your thoughts??







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even ebay is slow


now of course for really special coins on ebay/at coin shows well these coins are usually strong but in general across the boards other coins out there the market is just so so!!


any thoughts??




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From what I have seen, the overall market is not as hot as they say. Moving away from coins for the moment, it appears as though the whole collectible market is pretty much cold. I have sold coins, crystal, china, collectible toys and various bric-a-brac. I find it amazing that some of the prices I realized just two years ago and even last year, you could not even come close to today.


Getting back to coins, I've noticed that the coin shows I go to are not bringing as many people in. I have also noticed that some of the coins that I could not get dealers to budge on price a year ago, it is now easier to negotiate.


I brought this up in June and have seen a bunch of posts bringing up the same topic since then. The way I look at it, the market being cold is not a bad thing for us collectors. The coins that might have been slightly out of our reach are now within our reach. and for those who use coin collecting as a investment, I think a Bear market is an excellent opportunity to buy low and when we go through a Bull market, sell high.



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